A strange mirage event, can not find the prototype, scientists can do nothing!

Why can’t the original scenery be found on the earth? Scientists explain!


Rainbow is a rare sight. If you see a row of rainbows in the sky, it will certainly attract many people’s attention. It seems to have a mysterious power to attract human beings. When science and technology developed to a certain stage, human beings found that the rainbow is actually caused by the refraction of light. Many natural phenomena in real life have rules to follow. At the beginning, many unexplained phenomena were thought to be extraterrestrial objects. In fact, it is very likely that there is something wrong with our observation angle.


Before Hawking died, he had been focusing on research and had a strong curiosity about time and space travel. He did a special experiment, wrote a letter and preserved it. He invited future people to come here for a dinner party, but no one came. It was very strange that his letter disappeared overnight. It was thought-provoking. No one knew whether his experiment was successful or not. I think we all know mirage more or less, it is a virtual image, in many TV plays have such a plot. Why can’t the original scenery be found on the earth? Scientists explain!


Once there was a group of witnesses near the Aegean Sea to see a very strange picture, that is, a mirage that is rare in a thousand years. What is shocking is that the images in the mirage are very strange. They actually reflect the army wearing ancient soldiers, not modern high-rise buildings and lakes. This phenomenon has aroused scientists’ deep thinking. Although it is a kind of refraction of light, mirages are mostly recent events on the earth, which is a real scene, and this time the mirage landscape Where does it come from?


Some people speculate that someone was filming at that time, so they were dressed in ancient costumes. After inquiry, no one was filming nearby. This is a phenomenon of light refraction, but it does not mean that it can be infinitely refracted. It is usually a sight of two kilometers nearby with distance limitation. So where does it come from? After analysis, scientists believe that this scene may come from other space, that universe happens to collide with our universe, and the scene appears on the earth.


This scene may have a history of tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of years, which is just the guess of scientists, so far there is no exact answer. For example, the stars we see at night are not necessarily planets. In the current situation, the light emitted may have passed through tens of thousands of light years, just what we saw in the past.


There are too many unsolved mysteries in the world, many phenomena are very strange and strange, even scientists can do nothing. Maybe this mirage event is just an accident, and it may also contain other meanings, which need people to constantly explore. As long as you insist that the secret can be revealed one day, why do you think this mirage event happened? You can leave a message for interaction.

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