A stray object with a rotating satellite has been found in the solar system. Scientists: or spaceships in disguise

Since mankind entered the modern civilization, the understanding of the world has shifted from the earth to the vast space of the universe. People have observed all kinds of incredible planets and celestial bodies through space telescopes, thus discovering how small and lonely the earth is in the universe.

Many years ago, “Voyager 2” spacecraft’s photos of the solar system showed that the earth is like a grain of dust in the universe, which let people really understand that the solar system is actually much larger than people think.

So, is there any other alien life not far from the earth?


In fact, scientists are using space telescopes to gather information about objects that roam around the earth, and have launched probes to detect these small objects at close range.

An interesting asteroid, 2004 bl86, was discovered 800000 kilometers away from the earth, because NASA astronomers found that there is actually a smaller “satellite” around this small object with a diameter of 325 meters.

Scientists have discovered satellites on such a tiny object for the first time, but it is still unclear whether 2004 bl86 has enough gravity to lock in satellites. However, it was soon pointed out that the “satellite” near 2004 bl86 might be an alien spacecraft.


In the observation data released by NASA, a cylindrical satellite can be seen running beside the bl86 object in 2004. The reason scientists are worried is that it will be close to earth orbit.

However, the observation found that the whole body of the cylindrical satellite is white, about 70 meters long. The orbit around the 2004 bl86 is relatively far away, but it has been running all the time. Some astronomers believe that the “satellite” is not formed naturally, but an unidentified aircraft camouflaged beside the celestial body.

If you look closely, you can even see the wings on both sides of the cylinder. Someone immediately pointed out that the unidentified plane had been found by NASA’s observation center. Some people think this strange satellite is similar to another unknown object discovered by NASA.


It seems to have a pair of strange wings. NASA has observed an unknown comet with a blue “tail” in the solar system. Many people see that the head of the comet looks like a spaceship, although 2004 bl86 is only an occasional stray object.

However, its mass is too small to keep the satellite running, although NASA believes that the small object next to bl86 in 2004 may be debris falling from itself.

Because this observation was made by the deep space network antenna in California, although the image is not clear enough, people can see the incredible things in the universe.


Many UFO enthusiasts believe that NASA has been observing many UFOs in the solar system for a long time, and some UFOs are hiding on celestial bodies such as the moon to observe the earth.

NASA observers even found that UFOs often appear around the sun. These huge UFOs often go in and out of the solar system. As the level of science and technology is far higher than that of human beings, observers turn a blind eye to these strange objects.

People have been questioning why there is no alien civilization actively contacting us in the vast universe. In fact, the current level of human science and technology is still relatively backward. In the “Kardashev level” proposed by scientists, human science and technology is only 0.7 level. Any technology capable of star trekking is far more powerful than human beings.


The contact between civilizations with unequal level of science and technology will only bring disaster to the backwardness of civilization. This has happened many times in the history of human civilization.

Perhaps in 2004, the unknown object around bl86 only occasionally passed through the earth, just like Oromo, who broke into the solar system a few years ago, is also suspected to be a camouflaged plane.

But what does NASA hide from space observation? It may never be known

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