A suicide bridge appeared in Britain. Survivors said they felt a strong finger push their back twice

The bridge is located in Dunbarton, Scotland, the owardon bridge, has long been known as the “ghost bridge.”. The reason is that in the past 50 years, more than 600 dogs jumped off the 15 meter (15 meter) bridge without knowing why, so it is also called “suicide bridge”


It’s not even limited to dogs. In 1994, Kevin Moy, an Englishman, threw his little son off the bridge and then tried to commit suicide. So the idea that the bridge was cursed is widely spread in the local area.

A dog named Cathy once jumped off the bridge. Its owner recalled: “we just got out of the car, and Cathy, a 3-year-old dog, suddenly rushed to the bridge. She looked back and jumped. We will never forget that terrible scene.”


Even Owens, a religious philosopher, said, “two years ago, when I was standing on a bridge, I felt like I had been poked twice by a powerful finger, like someone or something was trying to push me off the bridge.”


Local legend: because in a nearby house, there is a white faced ghost who always stands behind the window curtain and stares at the bridge, which makes people or animals shiver and act abnormally.

In fact, some scientists have come to the bridge for research. Scientists have found that there are a large number of minks living under the bridge. They can emit a lot of abnormal smell to attract passing dogs to jump down. But these dogs have not found that the bridge is so high.

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