A “super earth” was found, the environment is not inferior to the earth, scientists are very happy!

A “super earth” was found, the environment is not inferior to the earth, scientists are very happy!


Since childhood, we have been taught that the earth is the only home for human beings. The teacher taught us that everyone should shoulder the responsibility of protecting the earth. Because of the protection of the earth, all animals and plants can thrive. It is more like a selfless mother, silently protecting every life, providing rich resources and excellent environment for living things. Without the earth, there would be no human today.

With the passage of time, human beings and nature have established a peaceful coexistence relationship and formed a stable ecosystem. However, human beings excessively pursue economic effects and do not worry about the feelings of the earth, which has caused great threat to the earth. For example, environmental pollution, destruction of vegetation, global warming and other issues have emerged one after another. It seems that the earth can not bear the unbridled behavior of human beings and is surviving. So scientists have come up with new ideas, looking for another celestial body suitable for human survival, as a key research object, to make sufficient preparations for human migration in the future. A “super earth” was found, the environment is not inferior to the earth, scientists are very happy!


Advantages of Kepler 22b


The universe is beyond imagination, and stars larger than the earth are everywhere. Fortunately, all the efforts have not been in vain. Some time ago, scientists found a super earth, which is Kepler 22b. After a deep understanding of it, they gradually found that this planet is even better than expected, with a volume equivalent to 14 earths. It is located in the habitable zone within the star. Not surprisingly, Kepler 22b has a lot of liquid water and atmosphere. As long as the earth has resources, it has one by one.

What’s more amazing is that Kepler 22b alternates four seasons, and the annual average temperature is maintained at about 22 degrees Celsius. If there are creatures living here, they will be very comfortable. Now that its environment has been confirmed, how can we reach the planet? According to the observation of scientists, Kepler 22b is about 600 light-years away from the earth. With the existing technology of mankind, it is not easy to arrive by spaceship. There are still many hidden dangers, because no one can predict what will happen in the future.


Problems of human migration


There is a life limit for human beings. They may have aged in the process of flying to Kepler 22b. So far, human beings are still exploring the planet and have a comprehensive understanding of it. There are only a few stars with good environment like it, and scientists predict that it will take about 20 million years to reach the planet. For human beings, it is a distant dream, which has already surpassed the level of existing technology.

At the same time, another big problem emerged one after another. It is reasonable to say that Kepler 22b has such perfect conditions that life may have existed for a long time, and it is impossible to wait for human migration there. Maybe a powerful Galaxy civilization has been formed here for a long time, waiting for human beings to take the bait. Once human beings invade their territory, they will attack human beings on a large scale. At that time, human beings will bring disaster to themselves, and the gain is not worth the loss. Therefore, we should be fully prepared before moving. What do you think of the super earth scientists have found? You can leave a message for interaction.

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