A village in Jiangxi Province is electrified in the air, the voltage can reach 220 V, and the electric pen emits light out of thin air!

An ordinary small village in Jiangxi is no different from other villages. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers and has beautiful scenery. But one day, something extraordinary broke the peace of the village.

These villagers have just built their own houses, and the power station next to them has just been built. Once, a villager found that his electric light was broken, so he wanted to pick up something to repair it. When he took something, the measuring pen in the box accidentally touched the windowsill. It seemed that everything was very common – but what he didn’t expect was that the pen lit up.

If the pen can light up, it means that the villagers’ windows are electrified. It’s really surprising and frightening to think about it carefully. If there is electricity on the window, does it mean that the electricity has leaked out? Is there electricity on the floor and elsewhere? The more the villager thought about it, the more strange he felt, so he quickly ran downstairs with his electric pen. But at this moment, something very strange happened again – the electric pen touched the handrail of the stairs and turned on again.

So he settled down and began to test things big and small. He found that TV sets, floors and walls all carry electricity. Then the electricity displayed on the pen is different.

Sometimes it’s 220 volts, but 110 volts, sometimes it’s just a few volts. The high and low voltage and current disturbed the villager’s heart. He was very afraid. Then he thought about it. Would it be the same for other people? If the electricity in the power station leaked, would it mean that the whole village was electrified? So the villager found his neighbor and explained the situation to him. He asked the neighbor to use the electric pen to test whether his home was electrified, neighbor Readily agreed, the result is surprising.


No matter where it is, as long as it is in the village, sometimes even if the pen rises in mid air, it will suddenly light up. This has caused great panic among the villagers. We never know what this is because of or how to avoid this kind of electricity.

After the news spread, many villagers began to move or borrow from relatives. Only a few old people still live in this village.

Scientists know, with physicists also rushed to the scene. First of all, they asked whether there was a fault inside the substation, which led to a lot of electricity floating on the surface of the ground. In addition, the physiological conditions of the villagers also changed strangely. Most of the villagers began to have symptoms of hypertension and headache. These symptoms are not individuals, but most people who stay in the village.

After understanding the basic situation, the experts first took out the field strength meter to test the current, but unexpectedly, this value is far lower than the national standard, which means that the substation is very safe. Then the experts measured the distance between the power line and the substation to the villagers – the high-voltage line across the village, about 15 meters above the ground. And it’s about seven meters from the roof of the residents. Suppose that the house between the villagers is two meters, and the voltage in this area should be about tens of volts. From this calculation, the standard is still far lower than the national standard – almost 10 times lower than the national standard.

Then experts began to wonder, the current substation, on the one hand, conforms to the national safety standards, and on the other hand, there is no strange supernatural phenomenon, so why is there still electrified phenomenon in this village?

Later, the experts changed a test pen and found the same situation as before. This time, the experts are even more puzzled.


Finally, the experts sent part of the wires and test pens to the identification center for identification. As a result, people’s eyes fell sharply. It turned out that this test pen, or this batch of test pens, had problems.

Later, the experts removed these faulty measuring pens from the shops in the village and replaced them with the latest ones. Sure enough, all the values returned to normal during the measurement.

However, some people may have to ask about the villagers’ high blood pressure. The villagers accepted the collective examination in the hospital and found that they were due to the tension in their hearts, which led to the high concentration of the brain, which led to the disharmony of various organs, leading to high blood pressure.


In fact, there are often unknown scientific decipherments behind the strange and strange events. I hope everyone can read more books, read more newspapers and think seriously.


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