A woman found a figure in the clouds on the plane. Could it be an alien?

Human beings have been exploring the universe for many years, but they still haven’t found them. Although they haven’t found them, some UFOs can often be seen in outer space. They just don’t know whether these UFOs are alien aircraft.

In addition to outer space, UFOs are often witnessed by people on earth, and some of them are collective witnesses, so the possibility of fake UFOs is small. This shows that UFOs are real. As for what is this? It’s not known if it’s an alien aircraft.


A foreign lady, on a business trip by plane, accidentally found a humanoid object in the cloud. Although the cloud was very fuzzy, it really looked like a humanoid. So the lady secretly took out her mobile phone and photographed the scene. Ten thousand meters high in the air, under normal circumstances there will be no other objects, this video uploaded online, caused a sensation, some netizens said, this may be an alien or UFO.

Scientists believe that this may be an optical phenomenon. The refraction of light projects distant objects into the clouds, and this lady accidentally sees it. Although scientists’ explanation is very reasonable, more netizens still firmly believe that this is an alien. We can’t fly at an altitude of 10000 meters, but aliens may be able to, or they may be stepping on a single soldier aircraft What about it?

It has to be said that netizens’ brain holes are still very large. Scientific exploration needs this kind of imagination. Only in this way can human civilization make continuous progress, especially the rich imagination and wild ideas about extraterrestrials and space exploration often have unexpected effects.


Although this lady took this precious picture, Xiaobian still suggested that people should not play with mobile phones on the plane. The signal frequency of mobile phones will affect the connection between the plane and the ground tower. At an altitude of 10000 meters, everything should focus on safety.

In fact, it’s not once or twice that UFOs are found at 10000 meters high. Many pilots all over the world have experienced contact with UFOs at 10000 meters high. These UFOs are silent and can take off and land vertically easily. Moreover, the speed is very fast. Human planes can’t catch up with them. Sometimes UFOs play tricks on pilots. They keep a certain distance from you It’s too much. It speeds up in a moment and it’s gone.


First of all, these UFOs are definitely not the products of the earth civilization. No country has these technologies. Maybe they are aliens, but where do they live? There must be a base in or near the earth, where scientists need to constantly explore and search.

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