A woman spends 1 million to do experiments, even if human beings have wings, they may not be able to fly!

A woman spends 1 million to do experiments, even if human beings have wings, they may not be able to fly!


How vast the earth is, there are countless creatures living here, some flying in the sky, some running underground, and some swimming in the water. It’s because of these creatures that the earth becomes vibrant. Nowadays, with the continuous progress of human civilization, human beings have gradually become the leader of the earth. Driven by imagination and creativity, human beings have realized their dreams.


With the progress of science and technology, human beings have a deeper understanding of the universe, landing in outer space many times to collect a lot of evidence. At present, the most frequently used flying tools for human beings are airplanes. The speed of airplanes is amazing, and they often take airplanes in some remote places. In the past, human flying tools were just hot air balloons. In 1784, Blanchard invented the aviation propeller, which made people have a preliminary fantasy about aircraft. However, the birth of the aircraft is not as smooth as expected, and it has experienced many changes. After all, its flight requires the use of aerodynamics, and the required materials are also very demanding. A woman spends 1 million to do experiments, even if human beings have wings, they may not be able to fly!


At present, the airplanes we see are all bought through years of efforts, and they are all the sweat and crystallization of human efforts. In ancient times, flying was just a kind of fantasy, which could not be realized at all. The times are constantly changing. Human beings are eager to have a pair of wings. Many people have asked this question: if human beings really have wings, can they fly in the air?


A foreign woman has done an experiment. She always thinks that as long as she has wings, she can fly in the sky. So she spent a huge amount of money to implant a pair of wings for herself. The wings fit closely with her back. Although they are not connected with muscles and bones, the wings behind her are like natural growth. When she was ready to fly, she found that it could not fly in the real sense, so she felt very upset and finally spent a lot of money to remove it.


There are many conditions for flying, not just a pair of wings, which can fly freely in the sky. There are still great differences between human beings and animals. For example, some birds and animals, whose wings grow naturally, are born with the ability to fly in the sky. Human beings live on land for a long time, and their living habits are very different from those of birds and animals. Everyone has a vision and curiosity about the unknown, but also according to the actual situation.


In the whole universe, there are many things that cannot be explained by science. Today, human beings have successfully landed in outer space, and have a deeper understanding of the ocean. We believe that as long as human civilization continues to progress, perhaps one day in the future, we can achieve free shuttle in space. What do you think of this? Welcome to interact in the comments area.

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