A woman who can’t take a picture only leaves a dark shadow after pressing the shutter, which scientists still can’t explain

In 1826, French scientist Joseph Nigel niepsy took the world’s first picture in his home, which was called “grass outside the window”.

The appearance of this picture gives humans a better way to record and save a lot of trouble. Now 194 is over, taking photos has become an easy thing.


People take photos when they eat, work and go out to play. Even after making up, taking photos and taking photos has become the rule of everyone’s life and the best way to record a good life.

However, for the woman to be mentioned today, she didn’t leave a picture in her life, and the place on the certificate where the picture was posted was empty.

Doesn’t she like taking pictures? No, she “can’t take pictures.” Halima badkoff of tizivuzu province has never taken a picture. At first, everyone thought she didn’t like taking pictures, but Halima badkov said he couldn’t appear on the negative of the camera.


Every time she takes a picture, she faints. Even photographers find it strange. They are sure they took Halima badkov, but no matter how many pictures they took, they couldn’t find her.

After this strange story was reported, many professional photographers swarmed in. They chose the best camera and the best film. To prevent her from being suspected of lying, they photographed her indoors, outdoors, in light and in the sun.


For the sake of seriousness, she also took pictures with others. However, they developed the photos in the dark room. They have to admit that it’s all useless.

If her shadow needs light, what is her shadow in the movie? Some scientists even said that if there were many such people in the world, they would make everyone in the photography industry lose their jobs.

It’s a pity that people don’t leave any pictures to commemorate their lives. I really hope that one day, this mystery can be solved

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