A wonderful enterprise that has collected 100000 defecation photos and studied them for two years. What’s the matter now?

In life, I believe that the first thing many people do when they get up in the morning is to rush directly to the bathroom and excrete the urine It is estimated that few people will look back at such disgusting body garbage after the “waste garbage” is easily solved, but they don’t know that the discharged feces are the “barometer” of our human health. We can judge whether our human health is healthy through the color, state and texture of the feces. Previously, there was a wonderful company in foreign countries, which specially collected defecation photos for in-depth research. Just hearing this news has already made people feel hot.

The excreted “poop” is a mirror of human health


We should not think that defecation is disgusting, but it is a mirror of human health, which can directly reflect whether our human body is healthy or not. If we have intestinal discomfort, we should pay more attention to observe the appearance of stool. Many diseases may be hidden in it.

The color of “stool” discharged by healthy people is yellowish brown and cylindrical. It is soft and slightly smelly. The feces of infants and young children are yellow or golden yellow paste stool. Long term in the air for a long time, feces will be oxidized, color will gradually deepen.

If the stool is black, it can be seen in upper gastrointestinal bleeding, such as ulcer bleeding, esophageal varices rupture, gastrointestinal tumor, shock, cerebrovascular accident, severe burns, etc. (if eating chocolate, animal liver, oral iron, the stool can also be black).


If the excreted stool is red: it can be seen in the lower gastrointestinal bleeding, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissure, intestinal polyps and other diseases. If the stool is not formed, the odor suddenly changes, emitting abnormal odor, and accompanied by black stool, it may also be related to gastrointestinal bleeding.

In addition, if the stool presents an abnormal sour smell and thin water, it may be caused by gastrointestinal diseases, such as acute gastroenteritis. If the stool is floating on the water, it means that your intestines are healthy. Only when you ingest enough fiber, the stool will produce enough gas to float on the water. Don’t worry too much at this time.


Generally speaking, it only takes two minutes for our body to produce and excrete stool. If we spend too much time defecating, it may be constipation or bowel alarm. For us, we must develop a good habit of defecation. Every time we have the intention to defecate, we should immediately enter the bathroom to solve the problem, instead of choking and not excreting. After excretion every day, we might as well spend some time to observe the shape, thickness, color, weight, hardness and smell of our stools to see if there are health risks in our bodies.

A medical classification: Bristol stool classification

Heaton and Lewis of the University of Bristol in the UK invented a Bristol stool scale, which is a medical classification and divides the stools into seven categories. Because the shape of stool is related to the time of staying in the large intestine, it can be used to judge the time of food passing through the large intestine. It has to be said that every shape of stool is the epitome of a state of physical health, and it is also the precursor of some diseases in the future.


Type 1: hard balls (hard to pass)

In other words, this kind of stool is similar to the stool excreted by rabbits. Because the stool accumulates in the intestines for a long time, it is very hard to excrete, which is usually caused by constipation.


Type 2: Sausage shaped

But the surface is concave and convex

This type of defecation is usually caused by the frequency of excretion, and it is best to see a doctor in time.


Type 3: Sausage shaped, with cracks on the surface

This kind of stool represents that you are in very good health and is a sign of health.


Type 4: like sausage or snake, with smooth surface

I have to say that this is the most ideal type of stool. The intestinal flora is good, and your health is also very good.

Type 5: soft block with smooth broken edge (easy to pass)


If you are a vegetarian or a sweet food lover, you will also excrete such feces, but if you are not a vegetarian or a sweet food lover, you should pay more attention. It may be caused by food poisoning and need to see a doctor in time.

Type 6: thick edge, fluffy, mushy stool


When your body loses nutrients, work and rest time is irregular, intestinal flora imbalance will occur. The seventh type is water, no solid block (complete liquid), if you have such severe diarrhea, you need to go to the hospital immediately to replenish water for your body.

It has to be said that the invention of Bristol stool classification has great benefits for doctors. It can tell doctors whether patients have constipation, lack of fiber, etc. However, for doctors, it is far from enough to rely on artificial insight alone. They also need the help of future artificial intelligence recognition to better help doctors see the accurate content in the image.

What is the intention of the “exotic flower” enterprise that collects 100000 human stool photos?


Today’s society is a high-tech and intelligent society. A lot of artificial intelligence research has brought great convenience to our life, such as self driving unmanned car and artificial intelligence sweeping robot. With the development of science and technology, many researchers begin to put artificial intelligence research into medicine, such as taking fecal science as a technological frontier. In order to realize the in-depth study of artificial intelligence on human feces, researchers began to need a large number of photos of human feces. In order to collect many kinds of photos of human feces, researchers from auggi company launched a project called giveashit Through online activities, the project attempts to collect 100000 fecal photos and create “the first large-scale fecal image data set” in human history. Many netizens have questioned this. Why does this wonderful company want to do this? What do you want?

It is worth mentioning that this project is jointly initiated by auggi and seed health. Auggi is responsible for building a platform to collect 100000 fecal photos and create “the first super large fecal image data set” in human history. Seed health is specially responsible for providing probiotic products. For example, this is equivalent to an industrial chain. Auggi company is in the early stage of development, while seed health company is in the later stage of after-sales. The two companies are mutually beneficial and win each other. They are inseparable from each other.


“Among the new technologies that will change the future, artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly the most dazzling one,” the relevant R & D personnel said. With the deepening of integration with various industries, the impact of artificial intelligence on human society is becoming more and more important. The ultimate goal of this database is to train AI’s ability to recognize human health status with a large number of fecal images. To help people with chronic bowel disease better understand the relationship between their lifestyle and symptoms. ” In order for AI to effectively recognize real fecal photos, scientists first used colored clay to pinch some fecal shapes for AI to recognize. These feces not only have the shape of hard constipation, but also the shape of long-term diarrhea. In addition, researchers even printed a toilet with a 3D printer to restore the human excretion scene as realistically as possible for AI to recognize.

A model of defecation made by researchers with plasticine

After two years of collecting 100000 photos of human feces, what’s going on now?


What’s going on with the project of collecting 100000 photos of Human Poop online in 2019? It is worth mentioning that auggi did not survive the “cold winter” in the end and was directly acquired by seed health. The advantages of this acquisition outweigh the disadvantages for seed health. Seed health can integrate auggi’s mobile tracking application into their clinical trials to evaluate the intestinal microbiota of ds-01 and irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and antibiotics.

In addition, through AI detection, humans can quickly and effectively know the gastrointestinal situation, and no longer need to rely on inaccurate human reports. At present, nearly 70% of patients in the United States have intestinal disorders or intestinal discomfort and other diseases. Millions of Americans have difficulty in seeking medical treatment due to intestinal diseases. For these patients, because intestinal diseases are chronic diseases, this kind of examination report needs manual work, which not only takes a long time, but also has low accuracy. Artificial intelligence technology developed by seed health company can help many people make more professional judgments and quickly master their own gastrointestinal conditions.


In other words, this great AI project not only helps tens of millions of Americans understand whether they have gastrointestinal diseases, but also enables everyone to have their own AI doctor who can analyze their faeces at any time.

AI technology of artificial intelligence is playing bad. Is it good or bad for human beings to apply it to poop?

AI technology is now widely used in our lives, everywhere in our modern technology, can provide power for all functions from TV to toothbrush. It is like a human program or system that can sense, recognize, make decisions and execute just like human beings.

Now this wonderful enterprise applies AI technology to identify poop. Is it a good thing or a bad thing for human beings? Some people think that “Ai recognition of stool may be helpful to human beings, especially for the middle-aged and old people and other people who are not willing to raise their concerns about fecal abnormalities, so they can master their health in time.” And some people think: “can AI identify defecation reveal their privacy? These personalized data will help them understand their physical conditions, but will their privacy be disclosed with the development of AI identify defecation technology?”

In my opinion, the technology of AI defecation recognition needs to be further improved and improved. I believe it is also the most important issue for developers to disclose personal privacy. However, at present, the AI developed by this wonderful enterprise is still in its infancy AI defecation recognition technology has more advantages than disadvantages for us. If we can master whether your daily defecation meets the health conditions through this technology, then our life may be extended. Why not do it for all of us? Pay attention to health, should start from now on!

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