Abnormal phenomena appear over Jinan, Shandong, Hogwarts Shandong branch? Parallel spacetime?

Many magical natural phenomena often occur on the earth, many of which can be explained by science, but there are still many small partners who have not witnessed them, such as the most familiar mirage. Generally speaking, mirages often occur on the seashore, which is also caused by the refraction of light. Most mirages can be found on the earth, but some mirages refract images that are difficult to explain scientifically.


Mirage in Jinan, Shandong Province


Some time ago, a video spread on the Internet, causing hot discussion among netizens. It turns out that there is a mysterious castle in the sky, which is very similar to Hogwarts College of Harry Potter. Is the bridge in the movie really staged in the real world? This video was shot by netizens in Jinan, Shandong Province. This phenomenon happened over Jinan. After the video was published on the Internet, it was shared thousands of times. We can see that a mysterious castle appears in the blue sky. This mysterious castle appears on the high-rise buildings. It’s hard to imagine.


Netizens have teased, here may be Hogwarts Shandong Branch. Some people think that Hogwarts college is a bridge in the film. There is no such school in the world, but there is such a picture in the sky, which may be the reason for parallel space-time. They believe that mirages all have prototypes, but it is difficult to find prototypes on the earth for mirages in Jinan, Shandong Province. It is very likely that this picture takes place in another world. Due to the disorder of time and space, the pictures from another world are projected into our world.


Despite the heated discussion among netizens, Ms. Su, who released the video, was very worried. What’s the matter? He claimed that he did not expect the video to be so popular. She disclosed to the media that this is not a mirage, nor a legendary parallel space-time, but an artistic reflection of the residential buildings she photographed. She was afraid that she would be punished for making fake videos, so she had to stand up and admit her mistake.


Mirage over the Aegean Sea


It turns out that the mirage over Jinan is nothing but a black dragon, but there have been some unexplained phenomena in history. In the last century, strange pictures appeared over the Aegean Sea in Europe, and figures of people fighting in the battlefield with weapons appeared in the sky. They were dressed in ancient people’s clothes, and only after research It is found that they are Viking tribes more than 2000 years ago.


At that time, thousands of people witnessed this picture. The Vikings were people more than 2000 years ago. Why did they appear in the sky of modern society? This phenomenon has baffled many scientists. At present, the event has passed for decades, and we can no longer verify it. However, the theory of parallel space-time has become the focus of attention. I don’t know what you think of it?

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