About 190 meters in diameter, this often overlooked asteroid is slowly approaching the earth!

About 190 meters in diameter, this often overlooked asteroid is slowly approaching the earth!


In such a large solar system, there are countless asteroids, each of which has its own way of operation and orbit. Despite the small size of these asteroids, there is more or less a threat to the earth. Why do you say that? The extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago is still fresh in our memory. With dinosaurs’ huge size, ferocious lethality and quick running speed, it is impossible for them to be eliminated. However, there are unexpected events. The impact of an asteroid led to the disappearance of dinosaurs overnight. It can be seen that the power of an asteroid can not be underestimated.


NASA finds asteroid


There is a big news from NASA that an asteroid is approaching the earth, called “2009 pq1”. After hearing this news, the experts have cheered up and looked at the asteroid carefully. According to the experts’ evaluation data, its diameter is about 84-190 meters, and there are many potential threats. It crosses the earth orbit. Within the scope of monitoring and early warning, it is still unknown whether it will collide with the earth. About 190 meters in diameter, this often overlooked asteroid is slowly approaching the earth!


To be precise, there are a lot of asteroids around the earth every year. This is just one of them. It is not only small, but also slow. Some people think that even if it hits the earth, it’s like tickling. In fact, there are many asteroids in the solar system that we don’t know about or have not monitored. Every time I hear that a planet is approaching the earth, my heart will inevitably have fear. Even with the development of science and technology, there are still some loopholes.


There is a lot of atmosphere on the earth, not all space rocks can be completely removed. The asteroid discovered by experts is expected to approach the earth in 2137 years, which means that human beings are extremely safe during this period. The earth is located in a favorable geographical position, surrounded by many protective stars. When this asteroid approaches the earth, it may be attracted by the gravity of other stars.


The Russian meteorite event seven years ago


I still remember the Russian meteorite fall in 2013, which has been controversial so far. At that time, many people witnessed the fall of the meteorite, which brought a lot of harm and injured more than 1200 people. We can not ignore the impact of the meteorite. We should pay special attention whenever and wherever, which reminds us of Hawking’s predictions. Although many predictions are unreliable, some are coming true one by one. The impact of an asteroid is the heart of the earth.


We can’t tell whether it has fatal harm to the earth, so we can only protect the earth within our ability. If there is an accident, the asteroid will rush towards the earth, and it will eventually hurt human beings, accelerate the arrival of the sixth species extinction, and the earth will become miserable. At present, NASA is stepping up its follow-up, and will always be alert for any changes to this asteroid. Do you think the asteroid is a threat to the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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