According to Hawking’s theory, what happens when a fish is thrown into a black hole?

Hawking, the great physicist who flew to the universe to explore the mysteries, has been dead for some time. Now it is revealed on the Internet that Hawking has long passed away. It is only for some unknown reasons that some organizations delayed his death for decades before announcing it to the public. In the face of these, I just want to say that we can do anything Have different ideas and re-examine what you see with a questioning attitude.

After all, social development and scientific development need many different disciplines, theoretical basis, different voices, different ideas and different theories. These differences make us question each other, examine each other, verify each other, and finally get correct and objective facts. We can have different voices on the Internet, but our ancestors have passed away, and the best wish is that the deceased rest in peace.

So, today, we also try to think about the idea of flying in the sky, to ponder some of the classic theories of predecessors, the theory of black holes.

Set it up. What happens when you throw a fish into a black hole? Now, human beings have always been a black hole ton168. What will happen if we throw a fish in? Obviously, fans will know what is the final fate of the fish after passing through the horizon and reaching the singularity. It may be popular to say that it’s gone, or maybe it’s another phenomenon. Why is there “or maybe”? Because our research on black holes is still in theory, So there’s another one. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with it?

Or maybe it’s the following:

We stand outside the horizon and see the fish enter the black hole bit by bit. We see the fish vanishing. But we all know that the concept of time and space in the black hole is distorted, which is different from what we now know. The space-time in the black hole is something we don’t know. Maybe it’s the kind of space-time concept in the “star crossing” where the man finally transmits information to his daughter. So we can imagine, If we throw the fish in, there will be no change in another time and space. Suppose it doesn’t vanish, and another time and space can make it survive, then it can swim all the time! Maybe we are wrong again. Do you remember another theory “Hawking radiation”? As the saying goes, under certain conditions, a black hole can evaporate, just like a reservoir, According to Einstein’s theory, the black hole turns into a white hole and pours out all the material it once swallowed. We don’t know how long it will take. But I think the fish will come out in the end, too?

At that time, this fish, I think, has become “essence”, which is much older than any of us. Its time in another time and space may be “one day in the sky, one year on the earth”, right?!

Imagination is extremely consuming brain cells, think of this, the end. Go home to buy a fish to eat, make up for the loss of brain cells, goodbye, to the market!

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