According to musk, the probability of people living in the real world is only one in a billion. How is this calculated?

According to musk, the probability of people living in the real world is only one in a billion. How is this calculated?

How did the universe come into being? The most convincing point of view is nothing more than the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago, which resulted in the emergence of all things in the universe, the emergence of all kinds of stars, and a lot of materials that human beings have never heard of. In the face of this mysterious space exploration, mankind has never given up. All along, many people have quite recognized the theory of the universe explosion, and at the same time, many people have countless questions. Since the big bang created all things in the universe, where did this so-called singularity come from? Why so much energy?

The existence of all things in the world is reasonable. Scientists are doing their best to study the origin of human beings and the mystery of life. There are many people who believe that both human beings and the earth are products created by the universe, and the leader behind all this is the most primitive life in the universe. This idea is well founded. In addition, different views have been put forward and even more terrifying conjectures have been extended. According to musk, the probability of people living in the real world is only one in a billion. How is this calculated?

Is human being living in virtual or real world?

Is it possible that human beings are fake at the beginning, the universe has never had a big bang, and human beings have lived in a virtual world for a long time? After the proposal, it caused a huge sensation in the scientific community, that is to say, human beings have been living in a virtual world so far. This idea is extremely absurd. Human beings have lived for only a few million years in history. Naturally, they can not be compared with the history of the universe. However, there are laws for the development of human civilization. Many people can’t help wondering why the oceans and lands on earth are unevenly distributed?

The ocean accounts for the vast majority, but this imbalance does not affect the earth’s environment. On the contrary, it creates a more perfect earth, so that human beings have not found a second planet suitable for living up to now. Some scientists once simulated the scene of the earth after the ocean and land were transferred. If it becomes seven parts of the land and three parts of the ocean, then the earth will become like a human purgatory, with various extremes. Many animals and plants can not survive. Water is the source of life, and everything can not survive without water. Once the number of oceans decreases, the ecological balance will be seriously damaged, with at least 70% of them Desert and oasis are rare.

Human beings are the luckiest in the world

Human beings are the luckiest of many living things. The earth provides such a balanced condition and abundant resources, which are suitable for all seasons. These alone make it difficult for alien planets to replicate. If we ignore the environmental factors, human survival on the earth can be regarded as a miracle. After all, human’s ability is limited, there are no sensitive limbs and ferocious habits, only has a unique brain, through which wisdom can be generated and different products can be created.

Elon Musk once said that the real survival probability of human beings on the earth is only one in a billion, and there is a great possibility that human beings will live in the virtual world all the time. In fact, many people have been confused between reality and virtual reality. It seems that there is a big gap, but there is an insurmountable gap. Reality is always reality, but in many people’s subjective consciousness, it is fixed as virtual. Everyone has different ideas. Do you think people live in the real world or the virtual world? You can leave a message for interaction.

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