According to NASA’s prediction, an asteroid will fall to earth in 2032, a precursor of “the end of the world”?

For human beings, although the earth is our home for survival, we have created brilliant civilization on the earth, but we are still facing many survival threats. It is impossible to predict the future development trend with the current scientific and technological means of human beings, so many people place their hopes on prediction. There are also some so-called prophets on the Internet, who grasp the human psychology and make predictions about the future of the earth.

The year 2020 is over, and many people are looking forward to 2021 as a year of good luck. But from a scientific point of view, with the passage of time, the earth may face many crises in the future. According to the report of foreign media on January 20, according to the monitoring of the sun, in the future, if the sun’s fuel reserves are completely exhausted, it will enter the dormancy period, and the sun will no longer emit light and heat. At that time, where should we go if we rely on the sun to survive?

Asteroid Impacts

In addition, scientists also said that perhaps the end of the world will come in 2032 for the Maya population. According to their observation, at that time, an asteroid will crash in the direction of the earth, with the explosion power as high as 2500 megatons. This asteroid is 2013tv135, which has been observed by scientists for a long time. It is also considered by the scientific community to be one of the most dangerous asteroids. NASA claims that it is likely to collide with the earth on August 26, 2032.

We need not say more about the harm of asteroid impact. The main reason why dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago was the falling asteroid. The falling place formed a huge crater, the sky was quickly covered by thick volcanic ash, the earth’s environment changed dramatically, many animals and plants were displaced and disappeared on the stage of history.

For human beings, we can’t intervene in the direction of asteroid motion through the existing scientific and technological means. The only thing we can do is to pay attention to the trajectory of asteroids all the time. If the asteroid does fall to the earth, or even to a densely populated area, the cost will be unbearable. According to the explosive force of the impact, it will take a long time for the earth’s environment to recover.

Of course, this is just a guess of scientists. Some astronomers say that it may enter the earth orbit, but whether it will hit the earth is still uncertain. For us, 2032 is still far away. Instead of worrying about the future situation, we should grasp it well. Now the earth’s environment is facing a severe situation. If the earth’s environment continues to deteriorate, can we wait until 2032?

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