According to the ancient records, there were “dragon keepers” in the ancient times, who could train the Dragon into a mount!

If we read through the historical books, we will find many records about the real dragon “descending to earth”. However, although there are historical records, they should only be recorded because of the narration of a few people. And “seeing is believing, hearing is believing”. Unless we see with our own eyes, no one can completely believe the rumors. However, in ancient China, there were dragon keepers. Can these dragon keepers prove the real existence of the dragon?

In ancient times, the earliest recorded dragon keeper, the “Huanlong family”, was called Dong Fu. It is said that he liked dragons very much, understood the nature of dragons, and liked to domesticate them. The domesticated dragons could carry heavy loads, drive cars, and even become human mounts. In those years, some people paid tribute to shun for several dragons. After Dong Fu domesticated them, he learned to dance, so Emperor Shun gave them the surname of Huanlong. Later in the Xia Dynasty, there was a Liu Lei. It was said that he learned to raise dragons with the Huanlong family and worked hard to raise dragons for emperor Kongjia. He was granted the Royal Dragon Family by Kongjia. However, it is said that Liu Lei raised a pair of male and female dragons, but accidentally raised one of them. Then Liu Lei ran away. After the two families who made a living by raising “Dragons” were gradually engulfed by history, the dragon became a myth in the world.

However, an exhibit in Shanghai World Expo seems to have changed people’s concept of the Dragon raised by ancient dragon keepers. This exhibit is the Oriental lunar calendar thousands of years ago. The drawing of the zodiac on it is almost the same as the one we still use today, except that the position of the dragon is a crocodile. Although people think it’s incredible, this may be the real domestication of dragon keepers. Because ancient Chinese crocodiles used to be widely distributed in China, they are often called “Jiaos” or “Dragons” in history books. They have also been domesticated and can learn to perform. If it is really the real dragon that we think of now, it seems impossible. The real dragon is huge and ferocious in people’s imagination, and it can swim and fly. How can it be tamed by human beings? If this dragon is not another, it is likely to be domesticated as an alligator.

It seems that the secret of the ancient dragon keepers has been solved, so has the real dragon ever existed? Is the image of the real dragon really changed from the ancient crocodile and people’s imagination to today’s image? If it’s completely fictional, is it all a lie that many people say they have seen a real dragon? Hearsay can never be reliable evidence, so who can really see the real dragon by chance? Before people can’t prove it with modern science, the reality of the dragon will always be a mystery!

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