According to the current environmental situation, how long will the earth live? Human migration or final choice!

The earth gives birth to all things in the world, is worthy of the human home. The life of the earth is always limited, especially in recent years, with the rapid development of human industry, the earth is facing heavy pressure, and the environment is getting worse and worse. One day, the earth will be overwhelmed and die in the vast universe.

Global warming has become a recognized fact. In recent years, scientists have been warning human beings that environmental protection must start from now. Since 2020, the probability of extreme disasters is getting higher and higher, and a series of chain effects are even greater. Human beings are unprepared. Therefore, many people are worried after seeing this phenomenon How long will the ball last? How long can man stay on earth?

How long can the Earth last?

Many scientists believe that 2020 may be the hottest year in recent years, and the global temperature is still rising, which is not a good thing for human beings. This kind of temperature situation accelerates the speed of biological extinction. Maybe we are experiencing a new round of biological extinction. Maybe, as Hawking said, the earth will eventually become a fireball because of the high temperature. We can foresee the future development of the earth, but we can’t judge the life of the earth. We can’t predict how long the sun will be able to survive if the sun changes.

According to the data of scientists, the sun has spent 4.57 billion years, and the sun is a yellow dwarf. Generally speaking, the life span of a yellow dwarf is about 10 billion years. Now the sun has gone through half of its life. That is to say, after 5 billion years, the temperature of the sun will continue to rise, and when it reaches its peak, it will burn itself, and the once dazzling light will no longer shine. In other words, if there is no accident in the earth’s environment, the earth will only exist for several billion years.

What should human beings do?

But today’s environmental situation is not optimistic, perhaps the earth can not last such a long time of life, with the accelerated speed of extinction, perhaps the legendary end of the world will come ahead of time. The reason for this situation, human responsibility is inevitable, we want to survive forever, can only choose another way.

Therefore, more and more countries are focusing on interstellar migration. If we can find another livable planet with sufficient oxygen and warm light, human civilization may continue. However, the road to find a second home is not smooth. Due to the limitation of science and technology level and distance, there is no ideal effect so far. Therefore, we still have to grasp the present and protect the environment from now on, so that we can live longer.

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