According to the data of American scientists, La Nina may reach the peak. Will it be a warm winter this year?

December has entered the end, cold air and cold wave come, continue to go south, many people feel the feeling of winter, there are many cities in the North has reached dozens of degrees below zero, and there are many cities in the South have appeared long lost snowflakes, according to the data of the Meteorological Bureau, since China entered December, the temperature in most areas has begun to get cold, especially in winter In Northwest China and Inner Mongolia, the temperature continued to decrease, with the local temperature lower than – 4 ℃.

Since December, rumors have been circulating on the Internet. Is this winter cold or warm? Will the next winter be colder? Is this winter the coldest in 60 years? In fact, the fundamental reason why people ask such questions is the emergence of La Nina. Since August, scientists have focused on La Nina, whose emergence has become a certainty. According to the Australian weather service, it is still rising, and scientists predict it will probably last until next spring.

If we observe carefully, we will find that the temperature in 2020 is still very high. Scientists have also said that this is also the hottest year on record. In fact, it also means that the global temperature continues to rise and the greenhouse effect continues to intensify. However, we did not expect that La Nina will appear in the second half of the year, which will lead to extreme climate changes in many countries. Generally speaking, if La Nina appears, it is bound to cause the phenomenon of cooling down. Therefore, many people also question after seeing such a phenomenon. Perhaps this year, due to the influence of La Nina, there will be a cold winter in our Congress?

Is it a cold winter in China?

According to the latest meteorological data of NASA, this year’s La Nina seems to have reached its peak. It is fierce, but different from many previous phenomena, there was El Nino before, but El Nino is not strong. Just a while ago, the U.S. Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration came up with data that they think La Nina reached its peak in November and is now weakening.

Is La Nina weakening?

After seeing this phenomenon, many people feel very worried. If La Nina is turning from prosperity to decline, does it mean that this winter will not be too cold? According to the data of scientists from China’s Meteorological Bureau, although it is weakening, it will last until April next year, which means that La Nina phenomenon will continue, and during this period, La Nina will bring abnormal weather. Therefore, China should not take it lightly.

What is the situation of winter this year? At present, it still depends on the continuous attention of scientists. Even if the global temperature continues to rise, we still have to spend the winter warm. What do you think?

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