According to the photos taken by China’s satellites, there have been organisms that have disappeared for many years in Qinghai. What does it mean?

The earth’s ecosystem is complex. In the natural system, the more species there are, the stronger the ability to resist disasters. When the ecosystem is threatened, the ability to recover will also be very strong. The same is true of nature, where the lack of a link, the impact is holistic. With the development of science and technology, the damage of human to the earth’s environment has become more and more serious, and the number of many rare wild animals has decreased sharply, even disappeared on the earth.

What happened in Yushu, Qinghai?

I don’t know if you’ve heard such news. Many organisms that have disappeared for many years have reappeared on the earth, and they have become members of the ecosystem again. Just some time ago, a strange phenomenon happened in Yushu, Qinghai Province, China. The satellite took such a picture that a Chinese gazelle appeared in the forest of Yushu, Qinghai Province. The Chinese gazelle does not appear to have been affected by environmental degradation and is still free to look for food in the forest. This news has attracted the attention of the scientific community. Many people think that this phenomenon may be a good omen. In recent years, China has also vigorously advocated environmental protection and formulated relevant measures to protect the environment. The emergence of Chinese gazelle is an affirmation of China’s environmental protection policy.

Before that, many scientists thought that the Chinese gazelle had already disappeared, but now it reappears in Yushu, Qinghai, which may mean that the earth’s environment is getting better, and it may also be evidence that the earth is carrying out self-healing. The Chinese gazelle has a peculiar appearance, which naturally attracts many tourists to watch. However, scientists have warned us that this kind of behavior is strictly prohibited, and it is still unknown whether the environment is good or bad for the creatures that have disappeared for many years to reappear on the earth.

If this kind of creature disappears again because of human intervention, it’s really not worth it. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the re emergence of these creatures is not a good thing. They believe that even if the earth’s environment is very bad now, it is still in a certain balance. These re emerging organisms are likely to break this balance, accelerate the imbalance of the earth’s ecology, and make the earth’s environment worse.

It’s not unreasonable to worry about this. The reappearance of some kind of creature itself is accompanied by controversy. Although we are not sure whether this kind of organisms will break the ecological balance, according to the current phenomenon, they are still living freely in nature, and the earth’s environment seems not to be affected. Scientists believe that the re emergence of these organisms is likely to rejuvenate nature, which is not a bad thing.

It can be said that the development of human civilization is closely related to the natural environment. Only when the nature reaches a state of balance, it provides support and capital for the development of human civilization. What do you think of this phenomenon?

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