According to the photos taken by US satellites, the “sea giant” is approaching China, which is equivalent to 1200 Hong Kong!

It has been thousands of years since human beings lived on the earth. With the development of the two industrial revolutions, human life has undergone earth shaking changes, the ancient human has never imagined today’s life. Human beings have entered the intelligent age, but at the same time of economic development, it has also caused serious damage to the earth’s environment. The ecological balance has been broken, and nature has begun to take action against human beings.

A large number of marine garbage began to float to our country

Some time ago, the US satellite captured such a picture. A large area of marine garbage is like a “sea beast”, with the movement of the sea, it begins to march towards China. The area of these marine wastes is huge, which is equal to 1200 Hong Kong areas. This situation has aroused our country’s great attention. A large number of marine garbage erosion in our country, not only caused damage to our ecological environment, but also seriously affected the survival of our people.

In order to solve the human’s wanton destruction of nature, many countries have formulated relevant policies of environmental protection, and China has also begun to implement the waste classification. However, in some remote areas, this situation has not been improved. Due to the boundless nature of the ocean, it has become a garbage disposal station in some areas. A large number of domestic waste and industrial waste will sink to the bottom of 8000 meters after entering the ocean, seriously damaging the ecology of the bottom and threatening the survival of marine organisms. The garbage that can’t sink is floating on the sea level in a large area. This scene is very shocking. In addition to a lot of garbage, there are also many bodies of marine animals floating.

The garbage comes from California

Where is the marine garbage coming from? According to the observation of scientists, most of these wastes are man-made land wastes. There’s a sea area between Hawaii and California. It’s the largest marine waste transfer station in the world. Due to the continuous movement of ocean currents and the emergence of extreme weather, these garbage also began to erode to Asia with the ocean movement, including China. If they really enter Asia, it will damage the ecological environment of the whole Asia.

In addition to the threat of marine garbage, many things that will happen in 2020 will make people feel a little tired. The sudden outbreak of locust plague in Yunnan and the high temperature of 80000 year in Siberia all indicate that the natural environment is out of balance. Most of the reasons for these situations come from human beings. Due to the destruction of the earth’s environment, human beings have been retaliated by nature.

Therefore, the protection of the environment is the common goal of all human beings. Although human beings are independent individuals in the world, their common living home has been destroyed, which everyone can not avoid. Ultimately, it is human beings themselves that will be affected. What do you think of this phenomenon? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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