According to the picture taken by US satellite, “sea giant” is swimming towards China, which is equivalent to 1200 Hong Kong!

Since human beings entered the era of industrialization, unexpected changes have taken place in our lives, the economic level has been greatly improved, and the quality of life has also been greatly improved. Now human beings are marching towards an intelligent society. In this process of development, nature has begun to hand to human beings. We can clearly feel that since the beginning of this year, every country seems not peaceful, and natural disasters occur frequently.

Marine garbage is marching into China

This kind of environmental situation is no exception in China. Satellites monitor the surrounding environment of the earth in the universe. Some time ago, the US satellite sent back such a picture. From the picture, we can see that a large area of marine garbage, like a “sea beast”, is marching towards China in a fierce manner. This picture has aroused the concern of scientists. According to their calculation, the area of marine garbage is huge, which is equivalent to 1200 Hong Kong provinces. If it really enters China, it will be a “time bomb” of China’s ecological balance.

The ocean system is destroyed

Nowadays, people’s life is more and more convenient. Behind the convenience of life, people create a lot of garbage every day. In hundreds of millions of tons of garbage, a large part of them can not be decomposed. They are piled on the roadside for a long time. After long-term exposure of the sun, they will release greenhouse gases, which in some ways seems to aggravate the trend of global warming. The photos taken by the US satellite are in the ocean, which means that domestic waste has entered the marine ecosystem, causing great harm to the marine ecology.

The rubbish has penetrated into the bottom of the sea

In our opinion, the ocean has always been bottomless. Although life was born in the ocean at first, human beings can’t stay on the bottom of the sea for a long time, but we didn’t expect that the penetration ability of marine garbage is too strong. Scientists once detected the plastic component in the 8000 meters deep sea, and even some marine organisms have plastic particles in their bodies. These quantities can’t be decomposed in the body. In the long run, plastics will interfere with the respiratory system of marine organisms. Therefore, we can see a large number of marine animal carcasses floating on some sea levels, which echo with the marine garbage on land. Such a picture is really shocking.

Marine garbage moves with the current

Where does the marine garbage that is marching towards our country come from? According to the satellite images, we can see that the garbage is flowing from the sea near Hawaii to Asia with the ocean current. Most of these wastes are land wastes created by human life. Nowadays, the global climate has undergone serious changes, and the warming temperature has also affected the ocean current movement. Therefore, under the action of ocean current and high temperature, a large area of garbage has changed its direction and started to march to Asia.

Therefore, such a situation can not be ignored. The global environment needs the common protection of mankind. Garbage from European and American countries can enter Asia, and garbage from Asian countries may leave other regions. Therefore, under such a situation, we should restrain our own behavior and start from ourselves. What do you want to say about this situation?

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