According to the records of Mayan civilization, these four civilizations once flourished. Why did they decline later?

According to the records of Mayan civilization, these four civilizations once flourished. Why did they decline later?

When it comes to the Mayan civilization, what impresses us is the pyramid and accurate prediction. The Mayan civilization has a long history. It once appeared near Mexico. There are different opinions about the cause of its extinction. At that time, Mayan civilization could be described as covering the sky with one hand. It could be regarded as the mobile phone of contemporary society, and its ability was extraordinary. They most often used hieroglyphics, which were difficult to interpret until modern times.

According to the understanding of scientists, most of the books about the Maya civilization have been burned, and only four are left. These four books record the development process of the Maya civilization. Human research on the Maya civilization has stopped at the primary stage. The main reason is that the advanced invention and writing technology are too advanced, which has long exceeded the ordinary people’s cognition. According to the interpretation of archaeologists, the Mayan civilization records that four civilizations were born on the earth. Today’s civilization is the fifth solar civilization. What about the four civilizations? According to the records of Mayan civilization, these four civilizations once flourished. Why did they decline later?

Four major civilizations in the records of Mayan civilization

As there is no relevant historical records, it is once again covered with a mysterious veil. Under the unremitting exploration of scientists, we finally found some clues. The first civilization is called gentaya civilization. It is said that men of this nation grow up to more than two meters high. They have a third eye. The extra eye can predict what will happen in the future. Not only men are equal, but women are also very powerful. Although they don’t have a third eye, they can communicate with God. When they want to have children, they just need to sign a contract. Many people are curious What is the third eye?

The second era was Mesopotamian civilization. It can be regarded as a descendant of the gandaya civilization. The survivors fled to the Antarctic continent. After a long period of evolution and development, they had this great civilization. After scientists studied it, they found that they had another name, the foodie civilization. They loved to eat when they had nothing to do. However, the good times didn’t last long. The earth’s magnetic pole deflected. Soon, this great civilization was extinct.

The third civilization is the Mulia civilization. It is totally different from the other two civilizations. It mainly depends on the energy of plants to survive. The plants they developed can release energy and develop other technologies through this great energy. Later, the weapons they developed became more and more developed and became more proud. At last, war broke out and the mainland sank.

The last civilization is Atlantis. Many people have seen the movie “Sea King”, which records the kingdom of Atlantis. Its ruins are likely to be buried under the sea. Some people think that he was hiding in the Sahara desert. These two opinions are different. The reason for his disappearance is still under discussion. The fifth largest civilization is today’s human civilization. The records of Mayan civilization disappeared in 2012. Many of its predictions, except for the end of the world in 2012, have not come true. It is a pity that such a brilliant civilization will eventually go extinct. What do you know about the major civilizations before the Maya civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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