African girls can’t afford to use sanitary napkins. They can only make them by hand. Let’s see what they have done

Many people may feel embarrassed when it comes to “sanitary napkins”, but such an item is indeed one of the daily necessities for girls every month. Even many girls will store sanitary napkins for themselves for a whole year during the “double 11” festival. There are various brands of sanitary napkins in China. But do you know that in poor Africa, some places don’t even have “sanitary napkins”?

In fact, there are “sanitary napkins” in Africa, but they are different from the sanitary napkins used in our country. Because our sanitary napkins are expensive luxuries in their eyes, few people buy them. Their sanitary napkins are basically “handmade”.

So before the girls come to shame, their mother will teach them how to make sanitary napkins, and the girls will also use all kinds of colors they like. Although it may look very hard, is this kind of colorful sanitary napkin also like a beautiful scenery.

Because of the particularity of this thing, water absorption must be very good, so girls usually choose special cotton material with good water absorption effect, which has good water absorption and air permeability. And unlike the disposable sanitary napkins used by Chinese girls, they just throw them away once they use them. After they use them, they will wash and air them for the next use.

The picture shows: drying sanitary napkins

Some people may think that the conditions in Africa are really tough, and people don’t even have the right to use sanitary napkins. But do you feel that self-made sanitary napkins are also very good?

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