After 10 years of pursuit, Rosetta finally arrived at the comet and sent back photos or secrets!

After 10 years of pursuit, Rosetta finally arrived at the comet and sent back photos or secrets!

Looking up at the sky, this is a vast expanse of stars. Ancient people put all their thoughts on the moon or stars, and even fantasized about the gods in the starry sky. In the 1950s, human beings finally embarked on the journey of space, and finally landed in the outer space. Up to now, 70 years have passed. During this period, human beings have been to the moon and Mars, sent back a lot of data and information, and have a good understanding of them. However, compared with all the celestial bodies in the universe, all this is just a drop in the bucket, like a bottomless hole with no end.

Each country spare no effort to build detectors and telescopes, the main purpose is to have a thorough understanding of the universe. One of them, the Rosetta, was launched into space in 2004, which is of extraordinary significance. Its main target is comet 67p, which is located in the Kuiper belt. It was formed in 4.6 billion years, almost at the same time as the earth, and has a long history. After 10 years of pursuit, Rosetta finally arrived at the comet and sent back photos or secrets!

The reason why Rosetta couldn’t fly directly to comet

At the beginning of the launch, due to insufficient rocket thrust, Rosetta could not fly directly to comet 67p. During this period, it accelerated around the sun, trying to get close to it. In order to have a deep understanding of comet 67p, Rosetta flew for 10 years, and finally caught up with the pace of comet 67p in 2014 to detect it. In the next five months, Rosetta sent tens of thousands of photos to the earth, which made mankind have a more amazing discovery of comet 67p.

When experts studied comet 67p, they found that there were 16 kinds of organic compounds in its interior, which were closely related to the birth of the earth. It not only formed at a time close to the earth, but also had similar internal resources. These discoveries made scientists more interested in comet 67p and began to explore it more deeply. In order to understand comet 67p clearly, the project cost a huge sum of money, up to 1.3 billion euros. It has to be said that all the efforts were not in vain. Many data sent back let people have a deeper understanding of comet 67p.

The secret of comet 67p

It is not only a star similar to the earth, but also provides favorable conditions for the earth to breed life. There are many secrets waiting for human to dig. After completing this mission, Rosetta launched a dive landing to comet 67p in 2016, and made constant admiration for her dedication. The development of the aerospace industry is inseparable from the joint efforts of the Chinese people.

The launch of each detector costs a huge amount of money, and only hard work can bring harvest. Not only comet 67p, but also human beings are trying their best to build more detectors to survey the stars in the universe, eager to have a deeper understanding of them, so as to reveal the ultimate secret of the universe. What do you think of Rosetta’s observation of comet 67p? You can leave a message for interaction.

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