After 100% development of human brain, will people become “gods”? Scientist: human beings can’t bear it

Can the human brain become a God when it reaches 100%? In fact, this is not very realistic. Because when the brain is running at a high speed to 10%, the temperature of the brain will also rise to nearly 50 degrees. If it reaches 100%, it may be like the CPU frequency of the computer, either crash or burn!

According to the data, there are 8.7 million kinds of creatures on the earth, and only human beings have advanced intelligence. Why aren’t other creatures as smart as humans? That’s because their brains are very different from humans. People can think, so they can come up with all kinds of survival skills and create many survival tools. Over the past five million years, human beings have not only been able to send spaceships into outer space, but also have submarines that can reach 7000 meters deep into the sea floor. Soon, 5g technology will bring unpredictable changes to the human world.

Some scientists point out that the current world created by human beings is based on the development of 5% of the human brain, and Einstein’s human brain, once a scientific genius, has only developed 20%. Therefore, does this mean that if the human brain gets 100% development in the future, human beings can be omnipotent? To solve this problem, scientists believe that the human brain can not get 100% development, the current level of development is the best level of human beings. If human beings continue to develop the brain in the future, the consequences will be unbearable.

First, at present, human science and technology has not reached the level of brain development. The development of brain is not as simple and crude as the TV dramatists imagine, but directly uses highly effective drugs for development. There are many factors that need to be considered in the development of brain in reality, not only the technical level, but also the moral and ethical level. Second, if the brain is open, its function will be enhanced. The human brain is the organ of thinking. If it develops continuously, the human brain needs to think continuously. Thinking is also developing continuously. Naturally, human will become a thinking machine without emotion.

In addition, people’s thinking needs energy. If the developed brain continuously thinks about various problems 24 hours a day, it will consume more and more physical strength. If people are compared to a computer, then the human brain occupies 0% of the space of CPU 8. The CPU keeps running, the computer keeps heating, and finally it collapses due to no rest. It’s the same with the body. The brain keeps working, constantly drawing energy from the body, and even consuming the energy required by other body systems. Finally, the various systems in the body will be chaotic, and the body’s physical strength will be exhausted.

The results of human brain development are not as good as we think. It also tells us that everything has its limitations and its bottom line. Over development, the ultimate misfortune is the people themselves, extreme things must be reversed is not unreasonable.

In fact, everyone’s brain composition is different, but there is a big difference in IQ. The smarter the development of brain power, the higher the degree, the more clumsy, the lower the utilization rate of brain power. This is why teachers often say that the smarter the use of brain power, and the more easily people who don’t use brain power rust their brain power!

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