After 100 years, scientists finally know the true face of the monster with toothpicks all over it!

After 100 years, scientists finally know the true face of the monster with toothpicks all over it!

The earth has a long history. Before the birth of human beings, we have no idea what we have experienced on the earth. Until the comprehensive development of high technology, human beings can restore their appearance through some fossils. The importance of fossils is self-evident, it can let people have a deeper understanding of the earth’s environment, the formation is much more complex than imagined. If an organism loses its life, it is difficult to keep its body intact. In some special cases, some debris will be left behind and buried under the soil through geological movement.

Most of the fossils were dug up by experts, and the other one was found in the deep layer by experts. Especially for organisms over 500 million years old, even if we find fossils, it’s very difficult to really deduce their shapes. After 100 years, scientists finally know the true face of the monster with toothpicks all over it!

The life characteristics of grotesque insects

Take the bizarre insect as an example. It was born in the Cambrian period 530 million years ago. At that time, the earth was experiencing an explosion of life, and many strange creatures emerged. The bizarre insect was also born in that period. In 1909, an American paleontologist accidentally harvested fossils of paleontology. One of them was like a monster, covered with toothpicks, which attracted the high attention of human beings. Its body is worm like, covered with thorns, just like the modern hedgehog, its head has been bulging, just like a balloon, if it is stabbed with a needle, it will break.

Scientists have been working day and night to identify it. It’s a weird insect. More and more people are arguing about it because it’s impossible to distinguish its head from its tail. Most people think that the part that looks like a balloon is the head, and the rest is the tail. The result is disappointing. It turns out that scientists have been studying in the wrong direction for so many years. The part full of thorns is the back. Similar to the balloon bulge is the internal organs of the strange insect, as for its head can not be confirmed, it may be the only creature in the world without a brain.

What’s the secret of the freak?

The legend of the grotesque insect has been going on. It is the most magical creature that human beings have ever seen, completely subverting cognition. Due to the limitation of scientific and technological ability, human beings only have a superficial understanding of it. Maybe after further understanding, we can find more secrets about the grotesque insects.

It is not as simple as we think. Some people compare it to a centipede. The centipede has many tentacles. There is a high probability that the weird insect is a close relative of the centipede. It has a spiny back, which makes people dare not approach it. It is extremely difficult to find it. There are few experts who have given their opinions on how the monster is going to die out? You can leave a message for interaction.

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