After 5000 years, mankind may evolve into a level 2 civilization in the universe, and everything remains to be seen

The most important thing we want to know is the vast universe beyond our planet. But because our technical level has not reached a certain height, so we don’t know much. So what I want to introduce to you today is the characteristics of the second level civilization of the universe. Let’s take a look at it!

In the universe, as long as we can reach the so-called second level civilization, we can use all the energy of its star system at will. You should know that the first level civilization can control the whole planet, and the second level civilization can control the whole stellar system. These civilized creatures can survive and travel in a galaxy for a long time without depending on certain natural conditions.

The course of human civilization has also undergone long-term development. Today’s civilization is quite advanced. We also have reason to believe that in the future, people can evolve more advanced, and human civilization will also develop to a new height. There will be a second civilization in the universe. Maybe everything is unknown. However, a scientist once said that the future development of the universe may be in the future In 1938, Einstein once said that after 5000 years of human development, he sent a “letter to future generations”. In fact, Einstein was very worried about the future of human beings. He believed that the earth could be destroyed in terms of the current destruction of human beings.

Looking back on the past, we can see that in the past 5000 years, the development of human beings has surpassed that of other animals. From the perspective of the future development trend, human beings will go to a higher level and become the master of the earth and the world. With the deepening of our understanding of the universe, we have developed faster than other creatures. Many things we didn’t know before are basically known now.

But just because we know more, we want more. At the same time, we not only know about the universe, but also make full use of our environment. It will have a negative impact on future energy development.

In the 20th century, scientists pointed out that we are now in a stage of 0.71 cosmic civilization level. We are one of the earth like planets, and are only the most basic star at present. If we can achieve the ability to develop the earth and master the earth’s resources, then we have made a step forward to reach the cosmic civilization level. That’s also our consistent goal. I hope we can achieve our vision in the near future!

Although we can’t predict everything now, we should also be sure to realize our vision. After all, when science and technology were not developed before, some people had researched the contents related to the universe. We believe that our science and technology will be more developed in the future, and we can know more about the future development of the earth!

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