After 5g network is popularized in the future, what about the 4G mobile phone we just changed? Don’t worry

Since mankind entered the era of scientific and technological development, human civilization has also ushered in rapid development. What people feel most is that the distance between regions is getting shorter and shorter, because there are more and more fast means of transportation. Secondly, there is no distance between people, which is due to the development of communication network.

One of the biggest changes in the scientific and technological civilization is the increasingly developed network communication. I believe many Post-70s and 80s have experienced the era of mobile phones, PHS and BB pagers decades ago. Xiaobian still has a pager used when he was a child. At that time, it would cost thousands of yuan to use this little thing. You should know that thousands of Yuan decades ago was not a small amount.

The mobile phone update is very fast, from the past can only receive calls and send text messages to today’s smart phones, just a few decades of time has undergone earth shaking changes. The upgrading of mobile phones corresponds to the continuous upgrading of the network, from the initial 2G to the current 4G, and the 5g network has started to be tested in 2019. I believe that the era of comprehensive ordinary 5g is not far away, and it may be in the next few years.

The arrival of 5g network means that 4G network will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, so some people worry that after the full popularity of 5g, what should we do with the 4G mobile phone we just bought? In fact, we need not worry about this at all. Although 5g makes us look forward to it very much, the three major operators have many concerns when they popularize 5g. 4G network will not leave the stage of history in a short time. It will take a long process. Just like the masters still using 2G network, they still have a certain market.

Compared with 4G, 5g era’s network speed can be called fast. Downloading a movie may be a matter of minutes, which is faster than the broadband download speed Xiaobian now uses. High speed network can bring people faster online experience. Now the mobile phone communication function is not the main, but more important is online shopping, watching movies, recording short videos and watching movies Short video, or live broadcast, some people make money through mobile phones and become winners in life.

It can be said that the mobile phone has become an indispensable tool in people’s life, and its role will become more and more important in the future. You can go out without money, but you can’t go without a mobile phone. As long as you have a mobile phone with Internet, most of the world can go there freely. With the more and more important position of mobile phone, the demand for network is also more and more strong. Only in the network era, which is constantly speeding up, can we keep up with the important pace of mobile phone.

Even after 5g is fully popularized in the future, 4G and 5g will coexist, and 4G network will not be shut down when 5g is available. After all, the scale of 4G base stations is huge, so it is unrealistic to upgrade all 4G base stations in a short period of time, and the complete replacement of 4G is possible only when the network is upgraded to 6G or 7g. However, if 5g is fully popularized, the 2G network used by some elderly computers may choose to shut down.

It can be seen that the three major operators are not going to upgrade the network across the board, but to adopt a long transitional stage, so we don’t have to worry that 4G mobile phones will not work after 5g network is fully popularized. In fact, after the popularity of 5g, a considerable number of people will choose to use 4G networks and mobile phones.

This is mainly because 5g mobile phones are needed to use 5g network. Compared with 4G mobile phones, the price of 5g mobile phones is relatively expensive. According to the 5g mobile phones announced in the previous paragraph, the price is at least tens of thousands. Although 5g mobile phones may not be so expensive after the popularity of 5g, the price will certainly not be too cheap. Price factors will prevent many people from giving up choosing 5g mobile phones.

Another point is that the price of 5g network package is also expensive. For most students, the real benefit is the king, so the high cost of 5g package will make most students choose to give up, and some ordinary office workers will choose to give up if they can’t use such a big package. Moreover, once 5g network is popularized, 4G network packages and 4G mobile phones will probably fall in price. For example, the high price 4G mobile phones may fall sharply at that time, which has great attraction for the student party. Therefore, even if the 5g era comes, there is no need to worry that 4G will decline, but there may be a frenzy.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, communication will become more important in the future. Especially, human beings are stepping into the space age step by step. The universe is vast and vast. Human beings can’t explore nature in space without communication. Now we think that very fast communication can achieve instant communication on earth, but in the universe, our communication technology is still relatively backward , it’s hard to do instant messaging.

If human beings want to realize the space age, communication needs to be continuously upgraded. In the future, quantum communication may become the mainstream. Its speed is far faster than our current communication technology, and it can also realize the rapid communication needs in the universe. I believe this day will not be too far away.

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