After all these years, do you know the harm?

Since ancient times, Asians have used squatting to go to the toilet. Westerners like to sit convenient, but also borrow the toilet, sitting on the convenience. Which is more scientific and safer, squatting and toilet?

Let’s introduce an important guy, puborectalis. by the way. There is another thing called rectum, which is our convenient channel. Puborectalis is like a U-shaped tube around the rectum. When people take a sitting posture, the puborectalis muscle can’t relax 100%, and the rectum is held at an angle of 30 degrees by the puborectalis muscle, which is not conducive to the direct excretion of the rectum.

Let’s talk about squatting in Asia. When we squat, the puborectalis muscle will be relatively relaxed, and the impact on the rectum is much smaller. The rectum will be at a right angle at this time, and the excretion will be very smooth~~

This is from the perspective of human body structure, and then from the perspective of safety and health. Let’s talk about safety first. Some people may be confused about the hidden danger of going to the toilet. Speaking of this, we have to talk about the differences between China and the West. Most Westerners can’t squat, and we’re not used to Western toilets. So a lot of people squat on the toilet when they go to the toilet outside, because they think the toilet is dirty, but a lot of people split the toilet in half when they squat on the toilet, cutting people. (Fairy here does not recommend squatting on the toilet ~ ~) in fact, some scientists have shown that the smooth surface of the toilet will not be stained with many bacteria. In terms of hygiene, many people think that the water from squatting stool will splash out, which is very unsanitary. But the water in the toilet will splash out more or less when flushing. If you don’t want to splash, you should cover the toilet and flush again.

Let’s talk about the people who are suitable for toilet. The first is pregnant women. Pregnant women are not alone, and they have to take their babies with them. If they squat for a long time, they will oppress their babies in their stomachs. Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers use toilets. There are also elderly people and people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Because squatting for a long time can numb feet, some people will feel dizzy after squatting for a long time, this time is very dangerous, so it is recommended to use the toilet.

Of course, it can’t be said that squatting is not good, squatting will be very “cool” So, here, Xiao Bian’s suggestion is, how cool, how to come~

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