After being struck by lightning, will it stimulate the legendary super power? Look at these real cases!

In the history of strange and puzzling cases, after being struck by lightning, can it really stimulate super power?

Every time I watch a sci-fi movie, there will be a super power with instant movement. They are invulnerable and contribute to the world in their own way. When we see this superpower, many people feel extremely eager to have this kind of superpower, but the reality is cruel, we know that this kind of superpower can not exist.

Some people don’t think so. There may be a potential in everyone’s body. They are just waiting for a suitable opportunity to stimulate the potential in their body. It seems a bit ridiculous. Everyone’s potential needs to be stimulated. As the saying goes, if you don’t force yourself, you don’t know how powerful you are. Many people are born in adversity, which implies that there is potential in people’s body. Many people imagine that after an accident, one can stimulate the body’s super power. We often hear that many people are struck by lightning. After they are struck by lightning, they do not lose their lives and have super power. In the history of strange and puzzling cases, after being struck by lightning, can it really stimulate super power?

Take a man in 1994 as an example. After he was hit by lightning, the burn marks on his body were very obvious. He thought he was not saved. Unexpectedly, after he was rescued, he started the road of music and became very interested in music. Over time, he became a famous steel zither player. Many people felt very strange. After all, he didn’t have any interest in music after he was struck by lightning A trace of love, on the contrary, after hitting, it stimulates the music cells. Another example is also very realistic. Once there was a pregnant woman who was about to give birth. After she was struck by lightning, everyone thought that she and the fetus were not saved. Fortunately, the fetus survived. After he was born, all his hair was upright, just like being struck by lightning. All this is too strange and weird.

There was once a photographer who was shooting on the beach when a flash of lightning ran through his right hand. Although it didn’t penetrate his whole body, his whole hand turned black. Since then, his body has undergone extremely subtle changes, especially his sense ability is very strong. He can hear a lot of voices that others can’t hear, and he can see things that he can’t see, just like having thousands of miles of eyes and ears Similarly, it is difficult for scientists to explain why this happened.

The above cases are very successful. After they are struck by lightning, they all inspire potential super power. But in real life, being struck by lightning is very terrible, which belongs to a natural phenomenon, we should not try, after all, everyone’s life is so precious, especially in thunderstorm weather, it is best to stay at home, not close to some high buildings.

Seeing these cases, scientists also find it very difficult to understand. If there is such a magic power in lightning strike, many people will try it. What do you think of the legendary powers? You can leave a message for interaction.

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