After Einstein died, the brain suddenly disappeared. What’s the process behind this

On April 18, 1955, Albert Einstein died in Princeton hospital, New Jersey, at the age of 76.

This great physicist devoted his whole life to scientific research. His research achievements not only changed the physics world in the 20th century, but also led countless researchers to continue to explore the mysteries of the universe.

It is no exaggeration to say: “Einstein is the genius of genius, he has the strongest human brain.”. However, he did not seem to be interested in his body. On his deathbed, Einstein told his family: “I hope to cremate my body and bury it in an unknown place.”.

Unfortunately, Einstein’s coroner didn’t think so. Thomas Harvey, a pathologist at Princeton hospital, is also the doctor responsible for the autopsy of Einstein’s corpse. Although he had several acquaintances with Einstein, he never thought that he could dissect Einstein’s corpse himself, which makes him feel that today’s scalpel is particularly heavy and flat Harvey, who was in a good mood again, still carried out the dissection procedure as usual.

But when Harvey took out Einstein’s brain, he stopped, because he knew that in front of him was the greatest brain in the world, which might contain amazing secrets. If he could solve them, he would be famous all over the world.

So instead of putting Einstein’s brain back, Harvey put it in a container and hid it. After Einstein’s body was cremated, he quietly took it away from the hospital.

Harvey, who succeeded in stealing Einstein’s brain, did not intend to deal with it in a low-key way. Instead, he held a press conference the next day and announced his intention to solve the secret of Einstein’s brain.

But this behavior completely angered Einstein’s son Hans, because he didn’t find his father’s brain stolen until he saw the newspaper. The angry Hans immediately found Harvey and told him: “his father didn’t want his body to be paid too much attention and asked Harvey to return his brain immediately.”.

Harvey confessed to his behavior and explained to Hans that he only wanted to solve the secret of Einstein’s brain. This is the only brain in the world. It would be a pity if it was burned in this way. And he assured Hans that the results of his research were published in the top scientific journals, and I would never use Einstein’s brain for personal gain.

Finally, Hans was moved by Harvey’s sincerity, allowed him to keep Einstein’s brain, and expressed his expectation for his research results.

After getting permission from his relatives, Harvey divided Einstein’s brain into 240 pieces, and in order to facilitate research and carrying, he cut part of it into thin slices and fixed it on glass. After all the work was done, Harvey remembered that he was only a surgeon, and he did not have the professional knowledge in the field of neuroscience, so he could not study Einstein’s brain at all.

In desperation, Harvey began to ask for help from the outside world. He hoped that the world’s top experts could study with him. But the reality became extremely cruel, and no expert responded to Harvey’s request. Because Harvey’s theft is serious dereliction of duty, not to mention stealing Einstein’s brain.

Under the pressure of public opinion, even with the understanding of relatives, doctors in the same profession are not willing to communicate with Harvey, let alone do research. Not only that, Princeton hospital even directly expelled Harvey. In this way, Harvey, who was just ready to make a great progress, entered a low ebb at the beginning.

Until five years later, the brains of Harvey and Einstein mysteriously disappeared together, and there was no news from them.

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