After people die in sleep, will consciousness be trapped in the dream? Most people didn’t guess the answer!

After people die in sleep, will consciousness be trapped in the dream? Most people didn’t guess the answer!

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. There are many nerve cells in it. The existence of each cell is very important. Because of the existence of the brain, human beings have wisdom and consciousness, showing the difference between animals. Over the years, scientists have been studying the source of consciousness, but so far they have not found a reasonable answer, which is a great pity. A long time ago, human beings were thinking about the relationship between dreams and the real world?

The importance of dreams to everyone

Sleep accounts for 1 / 3 of one’s life. Every night, one can’t help feeling sleepy. When one falls asleep, he makes all kinds of dreams. Until now, with the emergence of various dream interpretation books, human beings gradually understand the relationship between dreams and consciousness. All the pictures in a dream have a lot to do with people’s emotions. When a person is stressed and depressed during the day, his dreams at night are also very sad. After people die in sleep, will consciousness be trapped in the dream? Most people didn’t guess the answer!

If you feel happy during the day and often miss someone, you can even meet them in a dream. The scene in the dream often exists in people’s subconsciousness. Strangely enough, the dreams that we usually have at night are blurred the next day, just like being deliberately erased, which arouses many people’s deep thinking. At the same time, scientists are also linked to another question, since dreams are related to people’s subconsciousness, will a person’s consciousness stay in the dream forever after he dies in the dream?

When people die in sleep, will consciousness stay in the dream?

This question has just been raised, and many people strongly oppose it. Dreams are not an entity. They can’t be seen or touched. Consciousness is a part of the brain. The brain generates consciousness, but dreams can’t trap consciousness, just like a running computer. If the power supply is suddenly cut off or the computer crashes, all the programs will stop, and so will dreams. A person’s death means the death of the brain, and the consciousness will lose its original energy supply and will no longer exist. The two are interrelated and interact. So when a person dies, dreams and consciousness disappear directly.

There are still some people who hold different opinions. People’s consciousness may be trapped in dreams forever. Why do they say that? Dreams also involve parallel universes. Some scientists once believed that consciousness exists in the universe in the form of quantum. Everything that happens in a dream is just like what happened in a parallel universe. If a person dies in his sleep, it means that consciousness and the real world have lost a bridge and will stay in the parallel universe forever.

Everyone has a different understanding of dreams. The relationship between dreams and reality may be more complex than we think, but it also leads to more human thinking. Dreams and human consciousness are also a special relationship. These conjectures are not based on enough facts. Science is rigorous. Unless human beings can come up with real materials and evidence, no one can judge the meaning of dreams What kind of relationship is consciousness? What do you think is the connection between dream and consciousness? You can leave a message for interaction.

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