After reading this article, do you still believe that large unknown species really exist?

Xiaobian has written an article for a long time: “Jiang Ziya’s living mount” Si Xiang “has finally been discovered, but why do you live in Africa? „ÄčThis paper introduces a large organism, okapi, which was discovered only in 1909. People first found okapi in murals. At that time, they only thought it was a legendary and fictional creature, but it was such a creature that was once thought to be nonexistent, and was finally found.

Maybe we are all interested in unknown creatures, such as nishu water monster, Changbai Mountain Tianchi monster, zopacabra, moth man and so on. But with the change of our living environment, the space left for large unknown creatures is very small. Maybe you still believe that they may live in a corner of the world, but for these large creatures If they want to survive, there must be a matching activity space, and if there is such an activity space, the biological traces of large organisms can be easily found. In this case, is it possible that the earth has not found large unknown creatures?

In fact, as early as 200 years ago, conceited human beings proposed that “it is unlikely to find new species of large quadruped animals in modern times”, but then they began to face each other. After putting forward this view, we found some new species mentioned at the beginning of the article, such as okapi and Komodo lizard. 30 years ago, it was proposed that “the new species discovered today will mainly be bacteria and microorganisms”, and then we found forest goat. Subsequently, kapomani tapirs were found in 2013, and never seen whales were found in 2014.

It can only be said that the world is big, but we human beings are really small. Therefore, with the development of science and technology, more and more fields can be involved by human beings, and scientists have proposed that it is still possible to find new species more than one meter long on land and more than five meters long in the ocean. So, are there any other interesting monsters, such as the Loch Ness monster, the Kanas monster, the Himalayan snowman, the Antarctic Godzilla, the Changbai Tianchi monster, the chapacabra monster, and the moth man? And even our Chinese dragon.

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