After reading this, do you dare to stay up late? A sleep experiment out of control

We all have the experience of staying up late, especially in today’s smart phone, maybe you are watching the video now, right?

In 1940, in the Soviet Union during World War II, in order to maximize the combat effectiveness of soldiers, they did an inhumane sleep experiment. They wanted to know how long people could stay up after taking the refreshing gas.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of the experiment, the Soviet Union officially built a special glass room for the experiment. The room was filled with poisonous gas used by soldiers to refresh themselves. There was plenty of food and water in the room. There were tables, chairs, benches, toilets, and even books for relieving boredom. The participants were five political prisoners. They used unconditional release as bait and promised that they could get out of prison as long as they didn’t sleep for 30 days.

On the first day of the experiment:

Five people are very calm, but also normal conversation, no different from normal people.

On the fifth day of the experiment:

Five people become restless, talk mixed with negative emotions, and even begin to attack others.

One week after the experiment:

In order to get out of the room, he speaks ill of others through the microphone.

On the ninth day of the experiment:

One participant was crazy and roared wildly in the room, but the others ignored him and still spoke ill of others.

On the 10th day of the experiment:

One participant was still mad, but others were united at this time. They covered the glass house with paper covered with excrement, completely isolated from the outside world. For the next few days, the glass room was completely quiet and there was no sound.

On the fourteenth day of the experiment:

The researchers couldn’t know anything about the glass house for a few days. They thought the microphone in the room was broken, so the radio announced that they were going to enter the room to repair the microphone, but suddenly a sentence came out of the microphone: “we don’t want to be released.”

One day, the more the researchers thought about it, the more wrong they were. They decided to give up the experiment, expel all the poisonous gas in the glass house and let in fresh air. But inside the glass house came a fierce cry, they yelled “no oxygen, just poison gas.”. So the researchers invited armed soldiers to open the door, but at that moment, everyone couldn’t stand it.

One of the experimenters is dead and has been eviscerated. The other four were alive, but they were like mummies, with only the heart, lungs and diaphragm, and no other organs. And those grains only moved the share of the first three days. What do you think they ate these days?

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