After returning to the ground, why did Yang Liwei not go to heaven many years later? The reason is too real!

What happened to Yang Liwei, who once went into space? Just look at the recent situation!

Whether a country is prosperous or not can be seen from many fields, such as economy, politics, science and technology. Take the United States as an example, it can be regarded as a superpower, ranking at the top in terms of science and technology level and economic foundation. Many countries need to rely on the United States for technology. Once China was humble. After a long period of struggle and development, it finally made breakthrough progress in many fields, especially in the aerospace field. In 2003, it was a breakthrough year for China’s aerospace industry.

Yang Liwei, as the first astronaut to go into space, is highly praised by Chinese people. He carried Shenzhou 5 into space. Although China’s space industry started late, its achievements today are beyond the reach of many countries. Every time we go into space, we have high requirements for the physical fitness of astronauts. After all, space is in an uncertain environment, and danger may occur at any time. What happened to Yang Liwei, who once went into space? Just look at the recent situation!

The rapid development of China’s space industry is inseparable from the contribution of many astronauts. In particular, Yang Liwei, the first astronaut to enter space, has completed the space mission under great risk and pressure, making China’s space industry take a big step forward. Since Yang Liwei completed this space mission, he has never flown in the sky. Many people feel very strange. Why on earth is this? It’s not easy for any astronaut.

At that time, China’s aerospace technology was not mature. Yang Liwei had great courage. If it wasn’t for him, maybe the human aerospace industry would still be stagnant. He experienced many breathtaking moments, even when he landed, he was injured. His deeds are very amazing. At that time, he also prepared for the worst. Fortunately, he returned to the earth smoothly. Today, with the rapid development of China’s national strength, all kinds of advanced equipment have been built, no matter the Chinese sky eye or the detector, which can make people have a deeper understanding and cognition of the universe.

Once in the eyes of mankind, space travel was an impossible fantasy. Now, with the joint efforts of all, these fantasies have gradually become reality, which cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the Chinese people. The hard work of every astronaut deserves everyone’s respect. In order to protect Yang Liwei’s safety and health, the state has separated him from the front-line work. It is difficult to guarantee that he will not be affected by radiation after entering space. Maybe his body is under great pressure. His Aerospace experience is very valuable.

In addition, another reason is that Yang Liwei’s physical fitness has not reached the standard of astronauts. Every astronaut has to do enough physical training, which is very hard. When we were young, we often said that our dream of growing up was to be an astronaut. In fact, the mission of an astronaut is much heavier than we thought. We should keep a heart of awe for every astronaut. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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