After the appearance of Mandela effect, human memory declined rapidly, or was it manipulated by who?

Is it the Mandela effect or is it being manipulated?

In this world, there are too many things that can not be explained by science. Although these things do not exist, they are still in our consciousness, such as dreams. Usually when we go to bed at night, everyone will enter the dream, and everything in the dream is very real. However, when we wake up, there is no memory, so many people are very curious How do dreams come into being? When did it come into being? Although scientists have conducted in-depth research on these problems, there is no accurate answer.

We often hear such words as Tuomeng, and there are all kinds of sayings. It’s very strange that sometimes our dreams seem to have happened in real life, but they never have any impression. Scientists begin to suspect that dreams are probably related to parallel universes, that is to say, dreams produced by humans actually happen in another universe, and then through a certain way, Return to our consciousness, our dreams. Is it the Mandela effect or is it being manipulated?

These are just the conjectures of scientists. In addition to dreams, there is another shocking thing, that is, there are many things that we have not done in real life. We feel that we have done, met some people, or went to a certain place. We have a sense of deja vu, just like the illusion we have seen before, and experienced repetition at that moment. In the scientific community, this phenomenon is known as the Mandela effect. How did this Mandela effect come into being?

At that time, Mandela often had this kind of situation. Not only he, but also many people had similar experiences. Therefore, Mandela effect was gradually formed. It refers to the illusion of something or a person. Many people have died, but in our memory he has been alive, this is the illusion caused by illusion. How did this happen?

As we all know, human memory comes from consciousness. Human is a living body with high wisdom. Consciousness is the source of all activities. The brain is composed of many brain cells and various mechanisms. Human beings are special in having consciousness, which is better than animals and plants. Some scientists think that this kind of consciousness may be controlled by the alien advanced civilization. The human brain is like a program. Since it is a program, it is likely to have bugs. The memory illusion is that the human brain has loopholes.

There is another way to say that the whole world has different time and space. In human cognition, there is only one time and space in the universe. Maybe there is another time and space in the universe that we don’t know, but we can’t cross that time and space. In the whole history, many strange things have been found, which are difficult to be explained by science. Maybe our dreams and memories exist in different time and space, which may be the memory of the return of another time and space, so gradually produce the Mandela effect. How do you think the Mandela effect is formed? You can leave a message for interaction.

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