After the Argentine boy disappeared, he didn’t leave any information. Did he enter the time and space tunnel?

In many sci-fi movies, we can also see the bridge across time and space. Originally, it was thought that this was just a fictional means in the film, but there were many strange events in history. Many people never came back after they went to some areas, while some people suddenly disappeared without any news. Most of these events are mysterious, so many people think that these disappeared people may have passed through time and space, or they may have been captured by aliens.


One night in 2018, a man named Piron was driving home from work. On the way home, he suddenly saw a young man waving to her. The young man was wearing a black suit. When Piron saw him, he stopped and asked what had happened. The young man claimed that his car broke down and wanted to take his car home. Pitiful to see the young man alone, Piron agreed to take his own car.

They chatted while driving. Piron knew that the young man was only 17 years old and lived nearby, but he didn’t want Piron to take him to his home. When Piron drove to a cemetery, the young man told him that he could get off from here. As soon as Piron drove to the side of the road, before he could stop, he smelled a strange smell, as if something had been burnt. So he got out of the car to check his engine. There was nothing abnormal. When he came back to the car, he found that the young man was no longer there. At this time, the burning smell in the car was more serious. So he checked it carefully and suddenly found that there were two footprints on the seat where the young man had been sitting. It turned out that the burning smell in the car was printed by these two feet.

At first, he thought that maybe the young man burned his car when he was smoking, so he got out of the car secretly. But when he got out of the car to look for the young man, he didn’t find any trace of him, and there was no trace on the ground. In such a short period of time, it is impossible for young people to walk so fast. This phenomenon aroused Piron’s curiosity. When he got home, he quickly called the police and told them what happened to him. After hearing this, the police quickly went out to look around the surrounding villages and towns and found no young man, as if the young man had never existed.

Where’s the boy?

Now more than two years have passed since the incident, and people still have no reasonable explanation. Although the police also went to the town to inquire, no one has seen the young man. This incident is still full of many controversies. Some people think that this young man may have crossed time and space and entered another world. Many scientists believe that the parallel world is real. Maybe at a certain time, the young man entered the tunnel of time and space and went to another space.

Some people think that the UFO may have appeared in the sky at that time, and the reason why this young man disappeared may be that the aliens robbed him. The radiation of the alien spaceship is still very large, so in the car, there is a smell of burning. But this statement has not been recognized by scientists. If it is really made by aliens, then the UFO in the air should be very conspicuous. Why didn’t Pete see it? So the disappearance of the young man has nothing to do with the alien, it is likely that he quickly escaped.

Of course, these are all conjectures. Now, more than two years have passed since the incident, and there is no reasonable explanation. This incident has been debated so far. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the disappearance of this young man may not be so simple. Maybe at an unknown moment, this young man will go to another time and space. In our opinion, this incident is too bizarre. I don’t know what you think of it

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