After the birth of the universe, there will be power in control of the universe, which may pose a threat to human beings in the future

Huge objects in the universe are often black holes. Even stars, if their mass is large enough, will become black holes when supernovae erupt. The mass of stars is generally 30 times larger than that of the sun. We also know that the universe was very small at first. It started to erupt from one point, and gradually formed the appearance of the present universe. We also know that the mass of the universe is very large. Since 30 times the mass of a star can become a black hole, then the universe, which is countless times larger than the universe, was not too big when it was born. Why not become a black hole?

It seems that this question is even more burning. In fact, it is not difficult to answer. The reason is not complicated. It is because of the existence of dark energy that the early universe could not collapse.

In fact, the reason why our universe exists and develops as it is today is probably that dark energy is too powerful to suppress it, which makes our universe break out of its cocoon and expand rapidly. According to the big bang theory generally accepted by the scientific and astronomical circles, one of the reasons why the universe will explode is that dark energy is very powerful, which makes the energy ball of the universe out of balance and leads to an unprecedented big bang.

At present, there is a theory that our universe is likely to be a black hole at the initial stage. We know that the gravity of the black hole is very strong, and it is difficult for light to escape from it. This shows that within the horizon of the black hole, the speed of gravity attracting matter exceeds the speed of light, but the expansion speed of dark energy is much faster than this speed.

At first, the energy sphere in the universe was small enough to make people crazy, but when it expanded, it reached the size of the solar system in a few Planck seconds, and then quickly reached the size of the Milky way. It may take a few seconds. You should know that the Milky way is 100000 light-years in length and breadth, so the expansion speed of the initial dark energy must be much faster than the speed of light, in such a huge push How can the universe collapse into a black hole under force and rapid expansion?

At the same time, it is also due to the role of dark energy that the universe expands rapidly in the process of explosion. Up to now, the universe is still expanding at a very fast speed driven by dark energy. Dark energy controls everything in the universe and makes the universe continue to expand.

Because of this, scientists often say that the real control of the universe is not matter, nor dark matter, but dark energy. The huge expansion force of dark energy makes the universe unable to compress inward. Up to now, it is still pushing the whole universe to expand rapidly. Some scientists believe that dark energy will eventually destroy the whole universe.

Why do you say that? Since dark energy drives the whole universe to expand infinitely, one day, dark energy will make the distance between celestial bodies increase to the extent that gravity doesn’t work. In the micro world, nuclei can’t bind electrons. In this way, celestial bodies in the universe will not be bound by gravity, stars in galaxies will fly around, and strong and weak nuclei in nuclei The force may also lose its function, and then the atom will disintegrate, and finally there will be no basic particles left, and the universe will fall into a state of nothingness.

However, scientists do not know what dark energy will expand the universe into. It may have a scale, but any law will affect the state of the whole universe.

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