After the competition, the athletes will enter the environment of minus 200 degrees. Why are they not injured?

Human beings are not immortal. In our daily life, we are also faced with many tests. Especially when we have strenuous exercise, vasodilation, rash with cold water bath, it is easy to catch a cold. This has become common sense, but I don’t know if you have noticed this phenomenon. Why do many NBA players enter the iron barrel of minus 200 degrees after playing? Are they different from ordinary people?

Strange behavior of athletes

No matter on the basketball court or in the football field, athletes will inevitably have body collision, sometimes even terminate the game and deal with the wound. For athletes, if they want to quickly reduce swelling and pain, they usually choose ice compress. But this is only limited to the wound. We can’t imagine what kind of changes the body will face when the whole body is in the environment of minus 200 degrees. However, many athletes will enter such a low temperature environment after the competition. This phenomenon has also aroused many people’s curiosity. Won’t they be injured?

Liquid nitrogen therapy

In fact, they don’t really enter the environment of minus 200 degrees, which is also a common treatment method in the sports industry, called liquid nitrogen therapy. Generally speaking, the temperature of liquid nitrogen is 200 degrees below zero. When the athletes finish the game, they will stand in the bucket with liquid nitrogen for 2-3 minutes. Of course, direct contact with liquid nitrogen will cause damage to the body, but liquid nitrogen will not directly contact with the human body. Therefore, the patients treated for athletes are not liquid nitrogen itself, but the gas volatilized by liquid nitrogen.

Human freezing experiment

Of course, even when athletes are treated with liquid nitrogen, they can’t stay too long. If they stay in the liquid nitrogen tank for a long time, they will get frostbite. With the development of science and technology, liquid nitrogen plays an important role in the scientific community. There are also some experiments using liquid nitrogen in the world, such as frozen human experiment. Many people think that even if the human body dies out, if the human body is frozen, it is likely to be revived on the day when technology advances by leaps and bounds. In this experiment, liquid nitrogen is used.

Volunteers from many countries around the world participated in this experiment. When the volunteers died, the scientists would quickly drain their blood, replace it with a cryofluid, and then put their bodies into a closed space filled with liquid nitrogen. Bedford, the world’s first frozen man, has been doing this experiment for decades. He should have woken up in 2017, but so far there is no sign of recovery.

So we can’t break the iron law of nature. Death is a process that everyone must experience. Although we can use liquid nitrogen for treatment, we can’t use liquid nitrogen for rebirth. Human beings still have to be in awe of nature. After all, human beings are always small. I don’t know what people think of them?

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