After the construction of China’s Tianyan, the once largest radio telescope has fallen to the second place, and the prospect is worrying

The universe is vast, with numerous celestial bodies and mysterious phenomena. However, the observation and exploration of space mainly rely on astronomical telescopes. In addition to the Hubble telescope in space, there are also many radio telescopes on earth, which have made great contributions to the observation and exploration of the universe.

Arecibo telescope was once the largest single aperture radio telescope in the world. It was built in the 1960s with an aperture of 305 meters. When it was just built, it was praised by people all over the world. In 1974, scientists used Arecibo telescope to discover the first case of double pulsars, which indirectly verified the existence of gravitational waves for the first time, and thus won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1993 Awards.

However, with the completion of China’s sky eye, the No.1 position of Arecibo telescope has disappeared. China’s sky eye is a radio telescope with a diameter of 500 meters built in 22 years. It is the largest radio telescope in the world. It is the largest single aperture and most sensitive radio telescope in the world with China’s independent intellectual property rights.

Since its launch in 2016, China Tianyan has discovered more than 50 pulsars, 11 of which have been confirmed. After several upgrades, Tianyan has become more and more powerful. On April 28, this year, it discovered millisecond pulsars for the first time.

As Arecibo telescope is old, its related equipment is backward, and its maintenance cost is less and less. The National Natural Science Foundation of the United States proposes to conduct an environmental impact assessment on it. The purpose is to assess the possible impact on the environment once its operation state changes. “Operation state changes” means “shut down”.

However, many people still have expectations for Arecibo telescope, so they launch activities on the Internet and ask relevant departments to continue to provide financial support, otherwise they will be closed. Compared with China’s fast, it’s really old. It’s rusty by appearance, and it can’t be observed and tracked by turning the sky eye to aim at different areas.

The whole sphere of fast is composed of more than 4000 active reflection units, and each small unit can focus. Therefore, its sensitivity is twice as high as that of Arecibo, its sky survey speed is 10 times as fast as that of Arecibo, and its observation range and distance are far higher than those of Arecibo telescope.

The United States just saw that the Arecibo radio telescope could not keep up with the pace of modern space exploration. With the completion of China’s sky eye, it is no longer necessary to continue to invest in Arecibo. It is better to use this fund in other aspects. However, the relevant departments also have another plan to sell it. If someone is willing to take over, the Arecibo telescope can still be used, otherwise it will have to be shut down.

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, we should be eliminated if we do not always maintain the leading science and technology. Especially in the field of space exploration, human’s understanding of the universe is still very limited. Only with continuous upgrading and development can we make human’s understanding of the universe more and more. As the most important tool for space exploration, astronomical telescope needs to be continuously upgraded that ‘s ok.

At present, China’s sky eye radio telescope is the first in the world, but in order to maintain this first, we need to constantly innovate and upgrade the sky eye. Only in this way can the sky eye always take the first place in the field of space exploration. As for the first Arecibo telescope, we can’t deny its contribution to human exploration of the universe, but it can’t keep up with the pace of current space exploration. It carries more people’s memory of it, and even if it is closed, human will not forget it.

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