After the disappearance of human beings, how can we prove the existence of human beings? These three substances may be OK!

After the disappearance of human beings, how can we prove the existence of human beings? These three substances may be OK!

Since the extinction of dinosaurs, human beings have become the masters of the earth. At the top of the food chain. In a sense, human beings are very weak. For example, the sudden attack of diseases, wars and natural disasters can easily erase human beings from the earth anytime and anywhere. Just like the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, dinosaurs are generally recognized as the most destructive giant animals. Nevertheless, it still can’t escape the end of extinction. It’s obvious that the power of human is small, and it’s certainly not as long as the evolution and evolution of dinosaurs. Human beings have changed a lot, and even the earth is different from the past under the transformation of human beings.

Because of the existence of human beings, all kinds of skyscrapers and means of transportation are gradually emerging. These are the products of human wisdom. Some people speculate that if these man-made high technologies are not maintained, they will gradually age and be corroded in 20 years. Many people have a big question in their mind. If human beings suddenly disappear one day in the future, how long will the traces last? What objects can prove the existence of human beings? Scientists have found that there are three substances that are special. Even if human beings have disappeared, they will not be erased. Which three are they? After the disappearance of human beings, how can we prove the existence of human beings? These three substances may be OK!

Three kinds of evidence for human existence

The first is fossils. Fossils are the remains of paleontology, the most common of which are bones and shells. Even in the sun and wind, it will not disappear and will remain in the rocks for a long time. If we can find human fossils in the future, we can prove that human beings have existed. Many unheard of creatures can find clues on the fossils.

The second material is uranium. It belongs to a kind of natural element, which exists all the time in nature. Only human beings can extract this element, which other animals can’t do. The concentration of uranium mined will also decrease. When human beings disappear, we can carefully observe this element. If its concentration drops, it can prove that human beings once existed. If the concentration remains unchanged, it cannot be verified. We have to say that it is one of the best proofs of human existence.

Finally, the sedimentary rock. The earth has a strong vitality, energy sources constantly active, but also lead to a variety of disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and so on. The earth’s crust is moving all the time. If human beings disappear, the buildings and living utensils left behind by human beings will be squeezed under the earth’s surface. In this process, collapsed buildings will form rubble mounds and rocks. If it is metal materials, although they will corrode, they can form metal cation enrichment zones.

Through these evidences, we can prove that human beings once existed, so we need not worry that if human beings disappear on the earth, there will be no trace left. Human beings are the luckiest higher creatures on the earth. It’s a great honor to have all this. No matter what the future results are, we should cherish the present time. What other methods do you think can be used to prove the existence of human beings after their disappearance? You can leave a message for interaction.

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