After the disappearance of human beings, the traces left behind can be easily erased? These three substances will never disappear!

After the disappearance of human beings, the traces left behind can be easily erased? These three substances will never disappear!

Standing at the top of the food chain, human beings stand out from many creatures, seemingly powerful but actually small. Naturally, the size of human beings is not as big as that of dinosaurs. The only advantage is that the brain can generate wisdom and consciousness, think about problems, create products with both hands, and distinguish the differences between human beings and animals. However, in the face of natural disasters, human beings are very weak.

Those natural disasters are irresistible, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and so on. The sudden appearance will devour a person’s life. No matter war, natural disaster or disease, human beings can be easily erased from the earth. The good news is that the earth has completely changed with the transformation of human beings. Some people think that one day human beings will disappear from the earth, and it is estimated that the traces left will not last long. Scientists don’t think so. There are three kinds of substances that can prove that human beings once existed. Even after hundreds of millions of years, they can’t disappear. After the disappearance of human beings, the traces left behind can be easily erased? These three substances will never disappear!

Three substances that can prove the existence of human beings

First, uranium. It is a kind of natural element, which is ubiquitous in nature. Generally, the concentration of uranium mined by human beings will drop, but the concentration of uranium not mined is very high. If human beings disappear, as long as they find uranium and detect its concentration, they can determine whether human beings have ever existed, because the concentration of uranium will change only when human beings exploit it. Other organisms do not have this ability This is one of the best proofs.

The second is fossils. After the death of any living creature, fossils will be left. Over time, they will be buried under the surface of the earth. After the disappearance of human beings, fossils will be deposited under the ground. As long as those fossils can be dug out, they can provide evidence for the existence of organisms. Not only fossils, amber is also a good proof, because they can not easily disappear in any environment.

The last material is sedimentary rock. The earth is moving all the time, and the movement is extremely irregular, which will lead to many disasters, such as volcanoes, earthquakes and so on. These are the best proof of the earth’s activities. Human beings have lived on the earth, leaving many buildings and living utensils. In the case of the earth’s movement, they will squeeze under the ground. After a period of time, the collapsed buildings will form a pile of rubble, and the rocks of different shapes will never wear away. Although some metal materials will decay, they can produce regular metal cation enrichment zones and become rare rocks.

It’s not difficult to find that most of the prehistoric creatures that humans look for are determined by the fossils or other materials they find. Even if human beings disappear in the future, it is impossible for human beings not to leave any trace. These three materials are the best proof that it is not easy for human beings to survive on the earth. No one knows the future direction. If we want to survive on the earth for a longer time, we should pay more attention to the protection of the earth’s environment. Take good care of the earth, the earth can have more abundant resources, better environment for human survival. In addition to these three substances, what other substances can prove that human beings once existed

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