After the earthquake in Japan, the wall fell off, revealing the “mysterious scripture”!

Japan is an earthquake prone country. On June 18, Osaka experienced another 6.1 magnitude earthquake, which killed five people, injured hundreds of people, damaged many houses and roads, and paralyzed the hydropower system.

After the earthquake, however, a Japanese netizen exposed a photo of his broken wall. It is said that there was no damage to his other house, but most of the wall of the bathroom was destroyed by the earthquake. It is strange that the wall was printed with words on the exposed wall. Japanese netizens once speculated that it might be a charm or Scripture, but after careful analysis From this mysterious text, we can see that this is not a charm, but an ancient Chinese character. After comparative analysis, the text on the photo is not the Scripture that netizens speculated. It is actually a page in Zuozhuan, and what we can see is the paragraph “filial piety and faithfulness are good virtues, thieves and traitors are evil virtues”.

At the beginning of this photo appeared, but it scared Japanese netizens. They reprinted comments one after another, which once gave the text more magical and weird color. The owner of the photo, who was safe after the earthquake, even said: the text protected us

Now that we know the origin of this text, some people question why it appeared on the walls of Japanese houses. According to people’s analysis and speculation, when the houses were built, workers pasted paper on the walls to increase the structural strength of the building walls. Many Japanese people adore Chinese traditional culture, and it’s normal to collect, read or print Chinese books. People speculate that this residence has a history of nearly 100 years, probably using the paper printed with Chinese characters for building houses.

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