After the end of the ancient war, how to deal with the corpses, some of them are miserable

In ancient China, there were many wars. If there were wars, there would be casualties. After the war, some people would clean up the battlefield. Generally speaking, the victorious party is responsible for cleaning up the battlefield.

Another function is to make up for those half dead enemies. How did the ancient battlefield clean up deal with corpses?

In ancient times, people all paid attention to “settle down in the earth”. Sometimes a large pit will be dug to bury the bodies together, so as to prevent the plague and prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.

Another method is cremation. Ancient cremation is different from modern cremation. In order to prevent the plague, the bodies were cremated together.

In ancient times, there was a saying of “zhujingguan”. The meaning of “zhujingguan” was to pile up corpses to show off their achievements to the enemy when cleaning up the battlefield. This method was very common in ancient times. After all, people have a show off heart.

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