After the extinction of the Australian wildfire, scientists frown when everything should be “revived”!

After the extinction of the Australian wildfire, scientists frown when everything should be “revived”!

2020 is a year full of calamities and disasters. At the beginning, there was a sudden epidemic. Unfortunately, many people have been infected with the virus and eventually lost their lives. In this situation, we can only be forced to stay at home, just like birds trapped in cages. In this year, human beings have encountered too many setbacks. Now, nearly half a year has passed, and the virus is still rampant. It has not stopped this disaster. It is still a big unknown when it will stop.

Impact of mountain fires in Australia

In addition to the epidemic, there is also a major disaster unforgettable, that is, the mountain fire in Australia. The fire lasted for several months, resulting in serious destruction of the forest. The most painful thing is that nearly 500 million animals were burned to death. They were homeless and eventually died. Among them, more than 2000 koalas, which can be regarded as national treasures, were burned to death. The number of koalas was small. After the disaster, they became an endangered species. After the extinction of the Australian wildfire, scientists frown when everything should be “revived”!

We often see pictures of the burned koalas on the Internet. Everyone’s hearts are tied together. From September last year to April this year, the whole six-month fire has caused heavy losses in Australia. Now that the fire has finally stopped and everything is recovering, scientists are frowning again when everyone is relieved. They are extremely worried and say that this is only the beginning of tragedy. What is the matter?

Scientists find the source behind it

According to the truth, after the fire went out, animals and plants are slowly recovering and are trying to build their own homes. It is learned that in some parts of Australia, there is a very strange plant, it is called Eucalyptus. Other plants are still in the state of small roots and leaves, and they are already flourishing. Its growth rate is too fast, leading to other plants can not absorb enough sunlight, it is difficult to carry out photosynthesis, many plants are less and less. Not only that, it will also evolve oil, which makes the fire continue to burn. Because of Eucalyptus, the fire lasted for so long, seriously affecting the local ecological environment.

The local Australian residents have no way to take Eucalyptus at all. The main reason is that it has its own toxicity. With so many advantages, it can defeat many competitors. Among many organisms, only koala will not be poisoned if it eats Eucalyptus. The main reason is that it will secrete an immune mechanism to inhibit the toxin of Eucalyptus. Where Eucalyptus grows, many plants are ravaged by it, which has affected the local ecological balance. The oil evolved from it will make the fire more and more intense once it meets the fire.

It turns out that eucalyptus is the ultimate source of mountain fire in Australia. In fact, Eucalyptus also has natural enemies, and its natural enemy is koala. Unfortunately, the number of koala is very small now. If human beings do not protect it, it will be extinct one day, and Eucalyptus will continue to be rampant. It’s worrying and frightening to see this scene on earth. Scientists are trying to control the growth of Eucalyptus and maintain the ecological balance. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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