After the king rotated 90 degrees, what happened shocked the world! A spaceship was found in the temple

Since 1903, the United States Orville Wright piloted a self-made aircraft called “flying bird” by the two brothers to successfully test fly, the human conquest of space began. After more than 100 years of development, aircraft has become an important means of transportation for people. At the same time, aircraft is also an important symbol of a country’s military strength.

Aircraft can only fly in the earth. With the continuous improvement of human aircraft, conquering space has become the future goal of mankind. An aircraft that can navigate in the universe is called a spaceship. But now the earth’s science and technology, aircraft can not directly wind into space, we must use rockets to boost. Maybe you think spaceship is just a product of modern science and technology, but you never thought that spaceship had appeared in ancient times.

One day in 1948, an archaeologist from Mexico, rurile, discovered an underground passage in a temple. Then it took more than three years to dig a passage to the center and found a tomb in the center.

On June 13, 1952, three years after luliler discovered the tomb, he successfully opened the door of the tomb. There was a sarcophagus in the tomb. The sarcophagus was covered with mysterious Mayan characters. In addition to the Mayan characters, there were all kinds of paintings. The most striking of these paintings is the one on the coffin lid. In the picture, a Mayan is sitting in a strange posture, surrounded by various strange decorative patterns.

At the beginning, archaeological experts believed that this was just a form of artistic expression of the ancient Mayans and a good work of art. But when archaeologists inadvertently rotated the painting 90 degrees, the sudden change of the picture surprised the experts. What happened? At this time, you can clearly see the picture of an astronaut flying a spacecraft in space: the astronaut controls the rudder direction and stares at the instrument. Although the pointed spacecraft has undergone artistic deformation, the air inlet, exhaust pipe, control lever, pedal, rudder, antenna, hose and instrument are all equipped as standard All. This is incredible!

The Maya civilization is a mysterious civilization that has existed in reality. According to the records, the civilization level of the Maya civilization is quite high, the scientific and technological strength is also very developed, and the Maya people have the ability of space navigation. And this picture of astronauts piloting spaceships found in the temple further proves that the ancient Mayans did have very advanced spaceships, and their scientific and technological strength did not know how many blocks away from modern science and technology.

Some scientists speculate that the scientific and technological strength of the ancient Mayan civilization is at least 1000 years ahead of us. Despite the discovery of this temple, some archaeologists still think it’s just a coincidence. This merging is not a picture of flying a spaceship, but a scene of an old king’s resurrection from the underworld to the Yangshi. The Mayans believe that all things in the world turn out from the underworld through the tree of life. But what is the real situation of the ancient Mayan civilization? We still need our scientists to constantly look for evidence. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss the mysterious Mayan civilization.

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