After the Martian boy, another man predicted: our world is simulated

There are countless planets in the vast universe, and human beings have been exploring space. Although human beings are very advanced in science and technology, they can not fly out of the solar system and can only explore in the solar system. Therefore, human beings have begun to explore the eight planets in the solar system.

As one of the eight planets in the solar system, Mars has also been explored by scientists, and they have also made important discoveries on Mars. However, a little boy who claimed to be from Mars commented on Mars, which made the scientific community boiling.

A Martian boy named poliska was born in Russia, but he claimed to be from Mars. Because he has a strong interest in Mars, and has mastered a lot of information about Mars, this Mars boy’s exquisite description of Mars makes people full of doubt about him.

The Martian boy once said he was a time traveler. He told people about Lemuria, a mysterious continent that had disappeared from the earth for 800000 years, and his experience.

At the age of seven, his remarks shocked the scientific community. Later, he also predicted the future disaster of the earth. For a while, “Mars boy” became a hot topic and dominated the headlines. People are also full of controversy about this Martian boy.

After the Martian boy, however, another mysterious man claimed to be a time traveler. Can he really take his words seriously? According to the information, the man said he was a time traveler in 2050.

He also said that the world we live in is virtual, everyone lives in an orderly matrix, the world we live in is completely simulated, and human consciousness is misled by such a world.

In fact, this view of time traveler is mainly influenced by Einstein’s theory of relativity. Einstein put forward the concept of the speed of light a long time ago. Einstein thought that time was relative, so the time traveler appeared.

However, with the current technology, human beings can’t reach the speed of light, so the comments about this mysterious man also caused a lot of controversy. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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