After the melting of snow and ice in Himalayan lakes, people are afraid of what appears

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The earth is a rocky planet. Besides 71% of the ocean area, there are more huge mountains. There are many mountains on the earth. The more famous ones are seven mountains, namely, Andes, Alps, great watershed, Kunlun Mountains, Atlas Mountains, Himalayas and Altay Mountains.

Among the seven mountains, the highest is the Himalayas, with more than 110 peaks at or above 7350 meters above sea level. It is the natural boundary mountain between the East Asian continent and the South Asian subcontinent, as well as the natural boundary between China and India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and other countries. It starts from namgar Parbat peak in Kashmir (8125m above sea level) in the West and ends at Namjagbarwa peak (7782m above sea level) at the great bend of the Yarlung Zangbo River in the East, with a total length of 2450km and a width of 200-350km.

Everest is the main peak of the Himalayas, with an altitude of 8844.43 meters. It is an extreme sport that adventurers from all over the world like to challenge. Although human beings are already the overlord of the earth and live on the land, our understanding of the land is not complete. There are still many forbidden areas for human beings, which are full of all kinds of knowledge and mystery. Among them, the Himalayas is such a mysterious and dangerous area. It not only has hundreds of peaks, but more importantly, it is an extremely cold area, with the bottom temperature no less than that of the Antarctic continent.

The Himalayas used to be a forbidden area for human beings. Although many people enter the Himalayas for exploration or treasure hunting, few of them can walk out safely in the end. Its cruelty may be even worse than that of the desert. However, with the rising global temperature, the ice and snow in the north and south poles are melting and the temperature is rising, so the temperature environment in the Himalayas is naturally getting better.

When the temperature in the Himalayas is not as cold as it used to be, more and more people begin to set foot here to explore the mystery. Every year, many people come to the Himalayas for tourism and exploration. Brave people can challenge to climb the top of Mount Everest, where there are traces left by explorers from all over the world and many flags.

Of course, most people don’t have the courage to challenge the summit of Everest. They can only browse the Himalayas in a relatively flat area. In fact, the really beautiful and spectacular area of the Himalayas is not the summit. The only advantage there is to stand higher, see farther, and have a sense of pride. The real beauty of the Himalayas is the beauty of the hinterland.

Many people may think that the Himalayas are so cold and there are no lakes covered with ice and snow, but in fact it is not. Maybe there were no lakes when it was very cold in the past, but with the rising global temperature, in summer, the temperature in the hinterland of the Himalayas is also rising, and some lakes began to appear here.

People living near the Himalayas are naturally familiar with the location of one of the lakes. One of the lakes is mysterious and frightening to the local people. Why? Once someone went into the hinterland, just met the melting ice and snow here, and then a lake appeared. But when the man saw the things in the lake, he felt shivering and had a very terrible feeling.

So what is the appearance of this mysterious lake? It turns out that this lake is unique in the interior of the Himalayas. It’s covered by glaciers for most of the year and can’t be seen at all. It’s only in the short summer when the ice melts that the lake will be revealed, and what appears in the lake are hundreds of dead bones. Because of this, many local people call it skull lake.

If you enter the interior of the Himalayas and suddenly see hundreds of human skeletons, I believe you will also feel fear and fear. So who are these dead bones? When and why did they die in this lake? Later, experts often found that the age of these bones is very old, which is the remains of ancient Iranians.

Maybe in ancient times, a group of Iranians went to the Himalayas for exploration or other purposes. If modern people entered the Himalayas more for tourism or research, but in ancient times, people didn’t have the leisure to travel to the cold Himalayas, and more likely they went to look for treasure. You know, in the eyes of the ancients, the Himalayas is a very mysterious place, a treasure land, where there are many mysterious legends, some people naturally want to take a chance to enter the treasure hunt.

Unfortunately, this group of Iranians seems to have bad luck. As soon as they entered the Himalayas, they ran into an ice storm. You know, the Himalayan storm is very terrible. The wind is strong and the wind is piercing. This group of Iranians was destroyed by the ice storm, and the last place where they died was in the lake.

In fact, there are many kinds of human remains frozen in the Himalayas. Now we can see that hundreds of human remains in this lake are just the tip of the iceberg. We should know that the Himalayas have existed for tens of millions of years. Since the birth of mankind, people who dare to take risks have begun to challenge the Himalayas. And there are many mysterious legends spread here. Under the temptation of these legends, many people in ancient times wanted to go into it to search for treasure, and then soar to the sky.

But many people underestimate the cruelty of the Himalayas, wind and snow, few people can enter and come out safely. The climate in ancient times was much colder than it is now. Modern people have all kinds of advanced equipment and stronger warm clothes. Even so, there are still great risks in exploring the Himalayas. Once they encounter an ice storm, they may be doomed.

This is true of modern people, but the ancients lacked strong warm clothes and advanced equipment. In fact, there is no difference between going to the Himalayas and going to death. However, due to the temptation of interests, many people still go to the Himalayas to search for treasure every year. Over the years, the number of people who died in the Himalayas is incalculable.

The main reason why we can’t see those corpses is that the Himalayas are covered with ice and snow and glaciers for a long time, and the dead people go deep into the thick ice and snow. If in the future, with the rising global temperature, once the ice and snow in the Himalayas begin to melt in large quantities, there may be even more shocking and frightening scenes: countless dead bones will appear, and they are still well preserved. The reason is that the frozen environment can keep the dead bones for thousands of years, tens of thousands of years without decay.

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