After the meteorite landed, it left a “devil’s pit” with a diameter of 1280 meters. But where did the meteorite go?

Hahaha, want to see the devil? Don’t pull, we are all children of science, where there is a devil! However, the pit of demons does exist, but it is not called the pit of demons. It is only a huge pit with a diameter of 1280 meters and a depth of 180 meters. In order to play up its mystery, people give it the nickname “pit of demons”. What can it do? It is also very helpless. I don’t want to say much about it.

It is reported that the super giant crater was formed by the impact of meteorite falling from the sky to the earth. It was found in balingia, Arizona, in 1891. However, it is strange that the meteorite that can collide to form such a huge crater must be extremely large. However, since it was discovered in 1891, human beings have not found any meteorite iron flakes around it. According to research, the meteorite that collided out of such a large crater landed 27000 years ago. At that time, the environmental pollution was absolutely not as serious as it is now, so it could not be corroded by acid rain It’s fallen. So, where has this huge stone gone?

From Xiaobian’s personal point of view, we can’t rule out that it was mined by the local people to build houses and roads. 27000 years ago, in terms of human destructive power, it could have been mined out. Hahaha, some of my opinions are purely from Xiaobian. I hope I can spray them lightly.

For this mysterious pit of demons, many netizens and some scientists have put forward their own conjectures. Xiaobian sorts it out into two kinds here.

Conjecture 1:

As mentioned above, this huge crater was formed by meteorite impact on the earth, so it is very likely that the material composition of the planet where the meteorite is located is different from that of our earth. For example, the rocks on the earth can not react with various substances in the air of the earth, or even if they react, they are extremely slow, and this meteorite comes from the earth The material composition of the earth is different from that of other planets. After coming to the earth, meteorites react quickly with various materials in the air of the earth, and finally nothing is left. Only craters indicate that they have been here.

Conjecture 2

Until it was discovered in 1891, this meteorite actually existed, but it was possible that there was information from other planets on the meteorite, which was decomposed and transported to a scientific laboratory by the then US government, and the information was blocked.

In a word, this mysterious hole has added a lot of mysterious color to the earth. Netizens, do you have any opinions after watching it? Welcome to your wonderful comments and discussions in the comment area

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