After the mountain fire in Australia, it is facing a new disaster and serious damage to the ecological environment

With the development of global warming, great changes have taken place in the earth’s environment, causing many crises on the earth. Global warming causes the sea level to rise continuously and the earth temperature to rise continuously.

It has also led to the destruction of many living homes. If human beings do not pay attention to this problem and let global warming develop, then one day human beings will be punished.

The forest fires in Australia may be a punishment. The fire lasted several months, from 2019 to 2020.

The fire seemed unusual because it was so fierce and the burning area was so wide that it was difficult to control the fire. We can only count on the heavy rain to put out the forest fire.

Australian forest fires continue to burn for 210 days, causing serious pollution to the local climate and serious damage to forest resources. Even the animals will die. Many animals have even become endangered after experiencing forest fires.

However, shortly after the fire was put out, a new disaster occurred in Australia. Residents of southeast Queensland say they have been invaded by caterpillars. These unknown caterpillars are very destructive and have a very large number.

They will eat up the grass on the lawn and farm overnight, leaving bare land. Later, biologists investigated it and found that these invasive caterpillars are sticky insects. They eat grass at night, so they will eat the bare green grass overnight.

However, this phenomenon shows that the ecological environment in Australia is in a state of collapse, which is closely related to the forest fires in Australia. Because of the wide burning area of forest fires in Australia, more and more habitats for living organisms are disappearing.

In order to survive, these small animals will invade human territory and have a huge impact on human life, such as armyworm, adult and 650000 bats after fire. Forest fires have been put out in Australia, but because of heavy rain, the moth eggs get enough water to speed up hatching, so they destroy the local vegetation.

Australia’s ecological environment has been seriously affected, and it may be very difficult to restore what it used to be. How Australia’s ecological environment will develop in the future is still unknown, but judging from the current situation in Australia, it is still a headache.

The forest fire not only brought huge losses to Australia, but also seriously tested the environment of the earth. The changes of the earth’s environment in recent years show that the earth’s ecological environment is no longer optimistic, and we hope that the earth’s environment will be improved in the future. What else do you want to say about this? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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