After the water was heated to 105 degrees, a magical scene happened, and scientists were surprised!

After the water was heated to 105 degrees, a magical scene happened, and scientists were surprised!

As we all know, the earth is a blue planet, the vast majority of which is covered by the ocean and has sufficient water resources. For human beings, water is the source of life. Whenever and wherever, water is an essential substance. Everyone needs to take in enough water every day. Otherwise, many functions of the body will continue to have problems due to lack of water. Most of the water is in liquid state, and it usually condenses into ice below zero. If the temperature is too high, it will turn into steam when it reaches 100 degrees. Therefore, there are three forms of water, one is gaseous, the other is water One is liquid, and the other is solid. There are different situations.

As a child, when we were learning physics, we knew that water vapor scald was much more serious than water scald. When we saw water vapor, we would be far away. Before the formation of water vapor, there was another condition, that is, it could be finally formed under standard atmospheric pressure. The earth is surrounded by the atmosphere. Due to the influence of gravity, atmospheric pressure will soon form. Under this pressure, if water is heated to 100 ℃, it is almost impossible to continue heating. The boiling point of water is 100 ℃, which will change with the surrounding environment, unless the surrounding pressure changes and increases with the increase of pressure. After the water was heated to 105 degrees, a magical scene happened, and scientists were surprised!

Take the pressure cooker for example. In the process of heat dissipation, a large amount of water vapor will be produced. In the closed container, the pressure will gradually increase, and the water temperature will also rise. Once it exceeds 100 ℃, it will dissolve into water vapor. Many people are puzzled, if the water temperature is heated to 105 degrees Celsius, what will happen?

Someone did an experiment and used a brand new material nanotube. Nanotube has high production cost and strong conductivity and thermal conductivity. In the process of heating, the nanotube has good sealing property, so when the water temperature reaches 100 ℃, it does not turn into water vapor. When the temperature reaches 105 ℃, a scene that nobody thought of happened, and it actually condenses into ice. It’s amazing. According to the truth, unless the temperature is below zero ℃, it will condense into ice. How can the high temperature turn into ice instead?

After the end of the experiment, the scientists analyzed that the water in the nanotube was too closed to emit gas, so it could only move inside and finally condensed into ice. This is not ordinary ice, but a kind of crystal, which is completely different from normal ice. Many people were surprised to see the results of this experiment.

Some people think that the water in this experiment is not pure. If it is pure water, how can it turn into ice at high temperature? This is not in line with common sense. Some people think that impurities in the water are causing trouble. These are all in the public’s conjecture, and no one can give an exact answer. Seeing this experiment, it really subverts the previous cognition. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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